Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Ever heard the term 'go big or go home'? Well, this applies to us writer's and our stories, but not the end result of finishing a book. This can be discounted becauseVERY few of us 'go big'. And it has nothing to do with our efforts in trying to get published. Most of it is out of our hands. Kinda scary, but that's reality. I've really grounded myself in my expectations for the future. I was impatient to get going in the whole publishing game, but having stepped back and taken a look at the big picture, I realize that I don't need to rush everything. Yes I will continue to query, but not having results in an amount of time that I deem appropriate isn't an issue anymore. Agents are busy, some may never respond to me, and I get how hard it is to respond in a fashionably late amount of time.

Right now I want to focus on cleaning up my query. I think mine is good, but I want it to be great, which means...REVISING! I'm also taking another look over my manuscript. It's a little too long at this point and I'm trying to figure out what I can take out without compromising the storyline. I also have a fellow writer who is also taking a look at it for me, along with my brother-in-law who is also a writer. When I first started this journey I was told that you would need an outside look in order to see the mistakes. I scoffed at this, thinking that I would know exactly what to do when the time came. Boy was I wrong. It's always helpful to have a helping hand point out your mistakes, whether they be run on sentences, an egregious amount of comma use, dialogue that doesn't move a scene along, and overdescriptive scenes or the lack thereof.

I want to be successful in my endeavors, especially this one. I believe in my story and I know that it would appeal to the group that I want to market it towards, I just need to find someone that believes in it as much as I do. It may take a while, but like I said before- I'm learning this thing called patience, and I'm prepared for the possibly long journey ahead of me. Meanwhile, I will continue with my other WIP and improve on my writing. I will also be doing a lot of reading this summer know...'research purposes'. The best part of being a writer is that you can sit down and read a great book and call it that. I wish everyone else that is following along on this path luck. I hope that your dreams come true, and that one day I'll join you in the ranks as a published author.

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