Friday, June 17, 2011

Five For Friday

1. I'm way excited because the area I live in is FINALLY getting a Chipotle!!! Back when I was eighteen and lived in NoVa I worked in the cafe of a Borders. It was fun and I enjoyed making the drinks and having all access to the books in the YA section. But the real pleasure was having a Chiptole right next door! So for my break I'd walk over and order a vegetarian salad. The manager there who was around 40 would come to Borders for coffee and try to tempt me away from the cafe by offering me a job at Chiptole, I declined, but I did get some free meals out of it.

2. This Sunday is Father's Day and my husband has yet to tell me what he wants for breakfast or dinner. I'm sure we'll pick something yummy up for dinner- on Mother's day we got some yummy Indian food from a local restaurant. But  for breakfast I need to pick up the ingredients for whatever it is that he is craving. My husband is a great father and husband, and he deserves to be spoiled. I'm just a little neurotic and need some prep time.

3.The weather here is still trying to make up its mind. It doesn't get windy very often here in my neck of the woods, but lately the wind is the only consistent thing around here. I just want it to warm up so my kids can have fun in sun and so we can use our pool and bouncy house slide. Hurry up summer!

4.I'm still waiting to here back from my critiquers and am getting impatient. I kind of wish I had some beta readers to help me also. I need as much help as possible and don't really take solid criticisim personally, what would be the point? I just want to make my story better.

5. I'm going yard saling tomorrow,which is always exciting. I really want to find a china hutch for my kitchen and maybe some cute clothes for the Baby Princess. It's hard not having hand me downs since she is my first little girl. When my second little guy came around we didn't need to worry about replenishing his wardrobe because we still had stuff from his big brother. That's not to say that we didn't buy him new stuff every now and then, but we didn't need to worry about him not having something to wear. So, here's hoping that we can find some good deals. Other than that I hope it's a good weekend for everyone else, too!

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