Monday, June 13, 2011

Creative Juices Are Flowing

I'm finally getting into the groove of things with my current WIP. I wrote, I don't know, like 4,000 words over a couple of days and really got into the character's head. It was hard at first to see through her eyes, but after a while I began to feel what she was feeling. It's not always easy to put yourself in your character's mind, a lot of times you want them to react to situations the way you would, but that's not the point of writing. My characters are usually very different from me, some of them may have small similarities, but not so much that you might mistake them for me. The whole point of writing them is so that you can see their journey and understand what they're going through, and it's not always easy. At times when my MC is going through something difficult I want them to react in a certain way so that the situation will be easier to handle, but you have to stop yourself, because conflict is necessary in the scene in order to push the plot along and make it more interesting. If you make your charactesr do exactly what you want them to, and not let them explore their own world, you might as well end after page five with the words And They Lived Happily Ever After written in that bold curving style that reminds you of Disney movies. Life is not perfect or easy, it's grueling and long, and can be painful and you have to put all of that real and hard stuff into the story, not matter how hard it may be for you, because at the end of the day it's not really about you, it' s about your characters and the story that they want you to tell. Alright, back to writing, and exploring, and understanding.

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