Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

It's finally here! The holiday all kids look forward to (well, that and Christmas). I'm pretty excited to get my little ones in their costumes and take them trick-or-treating. My boys even have the whole jingle down, you know the one 'trick-or-treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat'. They have even practiced on their bedroom door, taking turns being the trick-or-treater. As 'spooky' as this holiday is supposed to be, I'm more into the fun of it, and not the 'it's the night the veil between the dead and the living is thinnest' thing. I don't my kids having nightmares over it.

And let's not forget what tomorrow is. NaNoWriMo. Wow, where has the time gone? Seriously. Only two more months until the end of 2011! Well, I have to say, I'm looking forward to the challenge November is going to present for me. Juggling my every day life with trying to write as much as I can, while editing another novel, that's going to be interesting. I might not have hair by the end of it, or only patches of it left where I didn't pull it out. We'll see. But I love writing, and to me NaNo isn't about the word count, but the motivation. I know some people are going to do everything possible to make it to that 50,000 words, but honestly, I just want to write something I love and not really pay attention to the number. I've been looking for a reason to start a new project, and NaNo was the push I needed. It's surprising that I'm not going to put myself through the ringer to get to that 50,000 word count, considering how competitive I can be, but I'd like to think it's because I'm mellowing out in my old age. (Yeah, I know, I'm not old.) I'm not sure how much blogging I'll be doing over the next month, I want to focus all my energy on my story, but I'll try to pop in every now and then. I also have a few posts in my que for those days I have no desire to blog what-so-ever.

Okay then. Good luck to everyone with November, whether or nor you're doing NaNo. I'll keep you guys in the loop as much as possible. Other than that, have fun with it!
PS: Steph Sinkhorn is holding an AWESOME contest on her blog Ch-ch-check it out.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Five for Friday

1. First off a big thanks to Ruth for giving me the Versatile Blogger award. It happened a while back but since my memory is slowly failing me, I kept forgetting to mention it. Go check out her blog from the link above.

2. I realized this week that I'm making my character do something in my manuscript because I want her to, not because it's what she would do. Now I need to go back and fix this screw up on my part. But it's going to add tension to the story and make it more of a page turner, which is good. It'll also cut my word count, which is also desperately needed. Why am I hesitating? Nano is a few days away, and writing a new project while overhauling my other story seems daunting. But at the same time, I took some time off recently and it has really refreshed me. I think I might be up for the task because of it. And I always love a good challenge.

3. There's a contest going over at to have your query critiqued. By an actual agent. How much does that rock? The window is slim so set your clocks and do another do-over of your query before submitting. I have to say, I got some great feed back from Steph, but it's always nice to get another critique. I'm a perfectionist and I really want my query to sparkle. I seriously hate queries. I've gotten better at them over time, but they are still the bane of my existence. And so much is riding on it! Gah!

4. I've been thinking a lot about what I want from this writing gig. An agent? Yes. To be published? Yes. Fame and money? Well, money would be nice but I'm not so sure about the fame part. I've said before that I have realistic expectations, the kind that have prepared me for years of struggling, but that's not to say i'm looking forward to it. Well, I am looking forward to the pay-off, not so much the gut twisting agony of rejection. I get excited whenever I read a post by fellow bloggers after they can finally announce their hard work has paid off, and that they are now agented. It gives me hope. Please keep posting this good stuff, along with the aftermath of gaining representation. I love reading about edits and how hard you all are still working because it helps prepare me even more for what might come. So congrats to all of you with agents, I hope I can join your ranks sooner rather than later.

5. In other news, I finally convinced the hubs to watch the first season of Th Walking Dead. Zombies freak me out, I have an unfounded fear of them. I even have an escape plan in case of a zombie apocalypse. Zombies: it's one of those ideas that is so far fetched that you wonder why you're scared. But I am. And why do I subject myself to this show with this fear? Because it's fantastic. The writing is incredible, and really, I watch because of the characters. It's not a show for the queasy, there is blood and guts. But if you can get beyond that, awesome show. Now if only I can get him on board with Doctor Who...that might be asking for too much, I'm afraid.

Have a great weekend all!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Book Review: Entwined by Heather Dixon

I've always loved fairy tales. I especially love books that retell my favorites with their own personal spin on things. I started with Zel by Donna Jo Nopali back in Junior high. I then made my way to Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine. After that I discovered Robin McKinley and her magical way of creating a whole new world on classics with stories like Beauty, Spindle's End, and Rose Daughter. Beauty and the Beast is probably my all time favorite but the Twelve Dancing Princesses comes in at a close second, both of which Juliet Marillier did retellings of in Heart's Blood and Wildwood Dancing, I highly recommend both. All of this brings me to Entwined, the book I'm reviewing. Here's the description from Goodreads:

Azalea is trapped. Just when she should feel that everything is before her . . . beautiful gowns, dashing suitors, balls filled with dancing . . . it's taken away. All of it.

The Keeper understands. He's trapped, too, held for centuries within the walls of the palace. And so he extends an invitation.

Every night, Azalea and her eleven sisters may step through the enchanted passage in their room to dance in his silver forest.

But there is a cost.

The Keeper likes to keep things.

Azalea may not realize how tangled she is in his web until it is too late.

I can't put into words how much I love books that introduce me to a world such as the one presented in Entwined. Heather Dixon did a great job of recreating our world into one of magic and mayhem. It felt real, solid, and possible. This story probably stays more true to the original 12 Dancing, but it never felt mundane. I was excited about what was going to happen next. And I really liked the main character, Azalea the oldest of 12 daughters, which can be hard to pull off. Sure thre were times I wanted to shake her, but for the most part I think she was a solid character who followed stayed true to herself. I loved the character of the King,a man of mystery who slowly unravels into a more well-rounded character as the story progresses. The romance was sweet and made me smile. Then there was Keeper, a guy whose motives are shady from the beginning. I always like a good bad guy, and I found one in this story. There was also an innocence in this book that I can appreciate, it made feel young again. Also, if you love dancing, this one has a lot of it. The title comes from a particular dance that Ms. Dixon cleverly created for this story. Heather Dixon did a great job, her writing was wonderfully woven, and her description of the enchanted forest transported me. I loved that the 12 daughters were given names alphabetically. I have a hard enough time naming just a few characters, but twelve girls? Yeah, tough one. But I loved all the names Ms. Dixon chose. And the alphabet thing gives you some insight into just how much the King likes organization. This book had no cursing or compromising sexual situations, which I found refreshing. Sometimes I need a break from both those things. All in all, a fun read. If you enjoy retellings, this one is great, and like I said, pretty true to the original.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Back to Reality

Doesn't it always feel like Monday sucks all the joy from the weekend out with reminders of bills that need to be paid, laundry that needs to be folded, and cleaning that needs to get done? Unless of course you work all weekend and Monday is your Saturday, in which case Wednesday is the vampire-like sucking culprit.

My weekend wasn't too bad. My dad came into to town for a couple days. Visits from family and friends always gets my butt into gear for cleaning, and that was the case last week. My house was pretty much emaculate, of course this will last all of one more day before my kids get into destruction mode again. I also got some outlining done! Look at me being all productive and organized. Being a pantser, it was hard to get it into my head that I can't just wing it this time around. Normally I would start working on a scene I felt most passionate about, whether it was I the beginning middle or end, it did not matter. This makes the editing process a big old B-word. Why? Well here's a taste of what I usually go through:
*Humming along into the magical world of edits* ( I like editing, so sue me). *Pauses when she stumbles upon a scene that just doesn't make sense* "Hmmmm...this isn't supposed to happen for another hundred pages. Oh well, I'll just copy and paste it where it belongs."

This is a sample of what happens CONSTANTLY. I try and write a scene out where I think it belongs, but it doesn't always work out. And the copy and pasting thing is so tedious and boring, it takes away any real useful time for actual edits. By time I get everything in the right and proper place I have no energy left for the good stuff. I promised myself it's not going to happen this time around. I want to start at the beginning and make my way to the end in a timely and efficient manner. But it's scary. What if I get to a scene I have no desire to write out? A scene I have yet to figure into the story? That's why I'll have my handy dandy notebook. Seriously, it's quite helpful to write out certain scenes in a notebook that are gnawing away at you and type them in when you get to the right place. I have several notebooks laying around my house in case of inspiration, and I stand by this method of writing. I wrote my first attempt at a novel in a notebook, for some reason I find it more...romantic, perhaps? To write by hand than type everything out in front of a cold, hard machine. I don't have a laptop at the moment so it makes it difficult to write about anything and everything at somewhere other than my cave-like basement. I have mused over pulling out the desktop from the wall and carrying it around, but that might look a little odd to some. Anyway, that's what my plans are for NaNo. I have an outline, I know what my goals are, and in a week and one day I'll attempt my grown-up version of writing. Hope all of you are figuring out your own methods in surviving November. Good luck!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Five for Friday

1. First off I wanted to thank anyone that has stopped by and read my campaign entry and left encouraging comments and who also might have voted for me. You guys rock!I'm going around and reading the other entries, and like last time I'm impressed by the many talented writers here online. It's amazing where each individual imagination goes with one idea.

2. I also officially signed up for NaNo! My username is Prernapickett if any of you participating want to look me up.

3. I got some reading done and I have a book review coming your way next week, so keep a lookout.

4. I've been planning my NaNo entry out in my head over the last couple of weeks and I'm getting really pumped for it. I haven't written anything down, but I might start planning out more concrete ideas and details. Is that cheating? I'm not going to start writing the story or anything, but I do want to have an outline of some kind done. I'm usually a pantser with my writing, but with only one month to do 50,000 words, I'm afraid I won't have the luxury of winging it. Or I could start planning in November as I write. I don't know, I am conflicted.

5. I got an award a while back that I have to pick up. I'll do that next week also and share a few more fun facts with all of my new and old followers. And if I haven't said so yet, WELCOME! It's nice to see some new faces.

Alrighty, hope you guys have good weekend. My dad will be here tomorrow so I'll be kind of busy. Check in with you all on Monday!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Third Campaign Challenge: Waking From Paradise

It's here, the third campaign challenge! Here are the details:

Write a blog post in 300 words or less, excluding the title. The post can be in any format, whether flash fiction, non-fiction, humorous blog musings, poem, etc. The blog post should show:

that it’s morning,
that a man or a woman (or both) is at the beach
that the MC (main character) is bored
that something stinks behind where he/she is sitting
that something surprising happens.
Just for fun, see if you can involve all five senses AND include these random words: "synbatec," "wastopaneer," and "tacise." (NB. these words are completely made up and are not intended to have any meaning other than the one you give them).

Here's my entry: Waking From Paradise

A yellow, orange haze cast across the vast blue sky, cloudless and perfect. The water rippled, meeting the shore slowly with its turquoise taint.
Goosebumps lined her flesh as the morning chill nipped away. It was going to be another ninety degree day, but at five in the morning, wearing a two piece on the beach was asking for the barely there cold to make its presence known.
“Isn’t it beautiful, Katie?” His eyes twinkled when he asked the question. “The most synbatec sunrise on the face of this Earth.”
She rolled her eyes, completely over it. Then there was the wastopaneer smell behind them that was killing the mood.
Rising from the ground, she shook out her bathing suit, letting the grains of sand grinding against her butt fall while her stomach jiggled.
Tanner held out his hand, his chocolate brown hair shifting with the small breeze. Her own dark hair was being tacise, as usual, completely untamable. Why did his always look so perfect?
Clasping her hand with his, the chill got stronger. He pulled her in closer, wrapping his arms around her bare back. His lips claimed hers and she felt herself sigh against his touch. Clinging to him, she suddenly felt an overpowering sense of panic, reality trying to wake her from the dream. Her eyes shut tight, she fought against whatever part of her was starting to wake. The stench got stronger, overpowering the other details of the morning. Then it finally hit her.
Her eyes flew open and she jumped away. The unidentified smell of dying flesh knocked the wind out of her. Everywhere she turned, there were corpses, a trail of his appetite.
“Damn, I was so close to having you.” The smile returned to his face. That familiar, hungry smile. She screamed.

Word Definitions:
Synbatec- incredible
wastopaneer- strange
I'm entry number 61 if you all are interested in voting, but no pressure! Hope you enjoy :).

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want

No, this post isn't about my love for the Spice Girls, which I have mentioned once before, and despite the fact that there is talk of another reunion. It just so happens that the lyrics from their famous hit "wannabe" fit perfectly with what I want to discuss today.

I'm curious, I want to know what you, as writers AND readers, want more or less of in the market. Here's the thing, I don't write for trends, I write what I'm most passionate about. I will say that when I first began writing I worked on a Vampire story. Not in the trend we've recently seen where the girl falls for a Vamp, but rather the whole "wow these are bad mothereffers and we better haul a** if we don't want to end up as soulless, blood sucking monsters." I shelved the idea after the fire fizzled out. It's still an interesting concept because I really want to see more creeptastic vampire stories, but I have other projects that are calling to me right now.

Here's what I would like to see represented more often in the books I read:
- Boys with feelings. What's wrong with the guy who cares, who doesn't act like a douche one second and a witty charmer the next just because he can? Sure he may have daddy issues (and maybe a few mommy ones) but that doesn't mean he can't be nice. That's not to say I want a guy who cries every time he watches The Notebook, but someone who feels and cares enough to be there. I hate it when the nice guy gets pushed aside for the cocky jerk. Ladies, there's nothing wrong with going for the guy who treats you with respect.
- I also want more smart girls. A girl who gets good grades, that isn't labeled as a nerd for arming herself with knowledge, a girl who can kick butt and save the guy every now and then. I've heard so many complaints about Mary Sues, and I second that proposal to stop the insanity. A girl can be awesome way before a boy walks into her life. Adding some eye candy can just be a plus.
- I'll be the first to admit that I'm a sucker for romance. I'm much more likely to enjoy a story if there's some kissing involved, but let the characters fall in love over time. They can be attracted to each other before L-O-V-E factor comes into play, but saying "I love you" after only a week or month, and sometimes even a day of knowing each other isn't realistic. Work with the tension, the growing feelings, I think the pay off is much better when you take this route.
-Maybe you don't care about any of these things but would much rather see a specific genre represented. I love sci-fi and high fantasy and there's not enough in the YA market. And of course, books targeted for boys.
Okay, so maybe I missed something that you feel very strongly about, I want to know what that is. So, I ask again, what do YOU want, what do you REALLY REALLY want?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Five for Friday and Pay It Forward

1. You guys, I've decided to do NaNoWriMo. I got this EPIC idea for a new story on Sunday night while I was dreaming ( I get a lot my ideas from my dreams, they are pretty vivid) and it won't go away. And I'm also way freaking excited about it.

2. I went to the library *squeals with excitement*, and found some treasure (the treasure being books in this case, just thought I'd explain before anyone starts asking for handouts). This is my first venture into the library nearest to us, which is kind of sad because it is literally down the street. The reason I don't go? Three little monsters that make taking trips just about anywhere impossible and cause much anxiety. However, the husband is home today because he was out of town from Tuesday- Thursday for work. So, he made it up to me by giving me some ME time, which is muy importante.

3. Halloween is a magical time of year filled with candy, monsters, ghouls, and children's laughter. But mostly candy. Now that I'm making up with chocolate, I am looking forward to raiding my children's stashes. My faves include: reese's peanut butter cups, milky ways, m&ms, starburst, and skittles. I've never been a fan of candy corn. I think it's because I never had any until we came to the states when I was 6, and therefore had never before celebrated Halloween. Over the years I've acquired a taste for them, but I can still do without. They're just way too sweet.
My kids, on the other hand, seem to love the stuff.

4. As mentioned, the fall season is here, and one of my favorite treats to bake is Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. They are delicious! My mother-in-law has the best recipe, and I would like to share it with you:
-1 stick butter, softened
1 1/2 cups brown sugar
1/2 cup white sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp lemon juice (optional)
Mix together and in a separate bowl combine:
-2 1/2 cups flour
-1 1/4 cups chocolate chips
2 tsps baking powder
3/4 tsp baking soda
1 tsp pumpkin spice
a pinch of salt
1 1/2 cups pumpkin
Combine flour ingredients with the butter ingredients. Grease cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 15 mins. I check mine after 10 because my oven tends to cook a little faster. Enjoy!

5. I'm sort of cheating with this fifth one, but I really didn't want to do a whole different post, so here goes. I'm sure you all have heard about the Pay It Forward Blogfest being held by Alex Cavanaugh and Matt MacNish.

I've decided to join the fun and pay it forward. Here are the three blogs I hope you'll visit:

1. Christine Rains- she's a paranormal romance writer, stay-at-home mom much like myself, that has some really fun posts. I also enjoyed her entries in the Campaign challenges thus far.

2. Melanie Stanford: Melanie posts about her journey as she tries to break into the publishing world, and I've often found myself nodding along to the plights she faces at times. She was also wonderful enough to critique my writing and gave me some great feedback.

3. Tiffany Garner: Her blog title, Victim of Writing, says it all folks.

'kay you guys, I'll be back next week. Until then, hope you find many wonderful adventures to immerse yourself in.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Book Review: You Against Me By Jenny Downham

Okay, so I've mentioned before that the subject matter in this book is sensitive, so don't come after me because I recommended it...I gave you a fair warning. With that said, this was the first book I read by the brilliant Jenny Downham, who is also the author of Before I Die. I've heard a lot about Before I Die, but haven't had the pleasure of picking it up, please don't come after me with pitchforks and fire. Here's the description of the story courtesy of Goodreads:

If someone hurts your sister and you're any kind of man, you seek revenge, right? If your brother's been accused of a terrible crime and you're the main witness, then you banish all doubt and defend him. Isn't that what families do? When Mikey's sister claims a boy assaulted her at a party, his world of work and girls begins to fall apart. When Ellie's brother is charged with the crime, but says he didn't do it, her world of revision, exams and fitting in at a new school begins to unravel. When Mikey and Ellie meet, two worlds collide. Brave and unflinching, this is a novel of extraordinary skillfulness and almost unbearable tension. It's a book about loyalty and the choices that come with it. But above all it's a book about love - for one's family and for another.

Rape is a topic that most don't take lightly. The statistics around the world when it comes to the prosecution of rapists is disheartening, I feel very strongly that not enough is done to someone who commits this horrendous crime. I know women who have survived this traumatic and life changing act. Which is why I was hesitant to pick this up. But an author I really like recommended it and so I decided to give it a chance. I think Ms. Downnham did a great job of giving us a look into the lives of the people directly effected by the rape- the victim's family and the acussed's family. Most of the story is focused on the relationship blooming between Mikey and Ellie. The consequences of people discovering this budding friendship are high. You really get a good insight into Mikey's life. His little sister is the victim and he feels that it's his responsibility to get revenge against Ellie's brother.That's when Ellie comes into the picture, and suddenly he wants to be around her and get to know her, using her as an excuse in his plan for revenge.

Not only are these two characters facing opposing moral dilemmas, but they also come from the opposite sides of the track. Mikey is 18 and the provider for his family. The oldest of three, he must take care of his younger sisters as their mother deals (or doesn't) with her alcohol addiction. This puts even more pressure on Mikey to take care of his sister after the rape. On the other hand Ellie lives in big, fancy house, where all the materialistic things she needs are provided. Her parents even throw her brother a party after he posts bail! Yeah, I didn't get it either, I mean your son has been accused of rape, what's there to celebrate? But once you get to know the parents, especially the father (man did I want to punch this guy in the face on several occasions), you understand why they do the things they do. And even though Ellie has those materialistic things in her life, it doesn't mean that she gets the emotional support many teens need.

Ms. Downham does a good job of exploring that line of fact and fiction. What really happened the night of the rape? Did Mikey's sister make it up, or jump to conclusions? Did Ellie witness something in her brother that night she isn't willing to admit to herself? Slowly the pieces of the puzzle come together, and you get the whole story. You get pulled into the attraction and relationship between Mikey and Ellie, and even find yourself hoping that they can make it as they use each other to make sense of the chaotic mess in their own lives. One character that did surprise me in this story was Ellie's mom. At first I thought 'great, another mom who has no clue' but by the end I was grateful for the picture Ms. Downham drew, and expanded, with Ellie's mom. Another issue this book explores is the stigma that surrounds rape victims. The "she was asking for it" excuse, or labeling girls with names like 'slut' or 'whore'. It is completely unfair that a girl is called names for something such as this, while the guy is a hero. This needs to stop in society! And rape victims are NEVER asking for it, EVER. If this is a story you can handle, give it a read. I recommend it if you're trying to make sense of what someone might be going through after they've experienced this crime. I do know that women AND men should be more knowledgable of the reality that surrounds the every day world. These things are very real and take place ever day. We might not be able to stop it, but we can help others to survive it.

As a side-note I would like to say that I enjoyed the setting of this book. It takes place in England so they use a lot of the slang from that region, but I am familiar with it thanks to Marian Keyes, Jill Mansell, and Louise Rennison.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Living A Lie and The Query Doctor

Not many people know I'm a writer. Even fewer know about this blog. I'd like to say it's because I'm a private person, but really it's because I'm afraid of being judged by others. You know that look you get when you tell people you're a writer? The one of skepticism that is followed by some eye rolling. I'm proud to be a writer, it took me a long time to even admit to myself that I was one, but I don't feel like sharing that with every person I come in contact with.

Generally I don't trust people enough to tell them something that's so close to my heart. It's not that I have some wall around me (although, I guess some people may take my looks as hostile. Honestly though, I never even realize I'm giving a certain look to people because I have so many of them)but I'm the kind of person that once I let someone into my life, they're there to stay. That's not to say I'll follow them around, threatening their lives if they decide to leave, but they'll always be in my thoughts. I often find myself wondering about a close friend from my past that I haven't talked to in years, hoping that they found some happiness and are doing well in their own lives. Every now and then I call my friends back East to see how they're doing, but not often.

I'm loyal to a fault. If a friend of mine, one of the ones I don't really keep in contact with, were to call me for help I'd be there for them. It's just who I am. That's why once I fell in love, I stayed in love.

When I first started writing, I didn't tell ANYONE. My husband accidently stumbled upon me sneaking on the computer for a chance to put some words on paper and I finally had to confess what I was doing. Then I told my mother-in-law, because she's an incredibly supportive person and I knew she wouldn't look down on me, or make me feel ridiculous for finally chasing that dream I had put on hold years before. Soon after word spread in our family (as it does in most, like wildfire) and I wish that it hadn't. This was mainly due to my husband's big mouth, I love him, but sometimes when he opens his mouth things come out that I'm not expecting. Why do I wish that they hadn't? There are people in my family that I take no issue in knowing that I write, for example my sister, my mom and dad, my brother, a couple of my sister-in-laws (my husband comes from a family of six kids, he's the youngest and the fifth boy, so I have MANY sister-in-laws) and a few of my brother-in-laws. There are some I wish didn't know simply because our relationships aren't very strong, and they are the kind of people who do the roll eye thing when they find out. And I'm sure they don't have much faith in my ability to do anything other than talk SUPER DUPER fast (Seriously, I am a REALLY fast talker, especially when I get going on something that really interests me). The ONLY people that know about this blog are my husband and mother-in-law. I don't think I'll be divulging that information any time soon, and I'm going to make sure my husband doesn't either.

These are my private thoughts as I pursue a career in writing. It's often easier for me to share these things with perfect strangers than the people closest to me. Just like I'd rather get feedback on my writing from these strangers (you guys, even though I'm getting to know you all better and am becoming friends with you) than share it with the people in my life. Maybe because their opinions matter so much to me I don't want them to feel obligatd to say nice things. You guys don't have that problem, and even with my growing friendships online, I know that we all share a mutual respect for writing, so I know that you are much too kind to give me false positive feedback. And at the end of the day, I REALLY want honest opinions on what is and isn't working in my writing. So, sorry about this long post, but I just thought it was time to come to terms with the lie in my life. Some day I'll be able to share these things with the rest of my family, but for now I enjoy writing my thoughts in the darkened corner of my basement, without everyone knowing what I'm doing. Sometimes it's good to have a secret just for yourself. Did any of what I just wrote make any sense to you guys? If so, I'd like to hear your stories about coming out of the writing closet.

Okay, I'm done. I also wanted to let you all know Steph Sinkhorn does a weekly post called The Query Doctor for anyone needing help with...well, their query letter. I sent mine over last week and she gave me some awesome feedback. I'm going to send her my revamped version later to see what else she thinks I can improve upon. So, follow the link to her blog, Maybe Genius, if you need another pair of eyes to help with your query.
Hope you guys have a wonderful week! I'll be back on Wednesday for that book review and to possibly share some more incoherent thoughts.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Five for Friday

1. Pretty good week! I got even more writing done, started taking Unisom for my morning sickness, got interviewed, and ate chocolate after WEEKS of separation.

2. As for that interview, please try to hold your applause, just kidding. Head on over to Little Red Writing Hood if you're curious enough and want to know more about me and my writing. You can also check out the interview I did of Sabrina right here.

3. I'm contemplating doing NaNoWriMo...what do you guys think? I think it's the boost I need to start working on another project I have yet to tackle. Have any of you participated? And if so, how was your experience?

4. I'm also thinking about doing the Twitter thing. How has it worked out for any of you that have accounts? The only thing holding me back is how time consuming social media can be. I have fun reading other people's tweets, but there's not much going on in my life that would interest people, or be enough to update with a 140 characters.

5. Okay, I know I was supposed to do a book review, but other things came up. What can you do? Such is life. I promise to post it next week. The book is You Against Me by Jenny Downham. Look it up if you're curious.

All right. Come back next week to read some more exciting posts about my life and writing! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Interview: Little Red Writing Hood!!!

Hey everyone! Here's the interview I was able to do with Little Red Writing Hood herself. It was fun, and my first time interviewing ANYONE, so maybe the questoins come off a little generic. However, these are the questions I am most curious about when it comes to my fellow writers.

Okay here goes nothing!

PP(that's me!): When and why did you start writing?

LRWH(Little Red Writing Hood): It all started from when I was born.... just kidding, of course! I guess I started writing during the middle of my freshmen year in high school, when I was twelve-years-old. I had just moved to the Philippines in September and I was going through some rough times. I became homesick, alone and such a crybaby! I hated myself back then because I moped around and thought about the past way too much. I was too shy to talk to anyone so I didn't make a lot of friends then. Don't get me started at what was starting to happen in between my parents' families!

In order to escape all that, I hung out in the library to read a lot and eventually went to writing. Writing soon became a burning passion for me and I never want to give it up!

PP: What works have inspired you throughout your journey in the writing world?

LRWH: There have been some but I completely forgot them! Hmm. It was mostly the people behind them that inspired me, rather than their works.

PP: Tell us a little about a project you're currently working on.

LRWH: ...Now that's a hard question since I have no idea where I'm going with it and if I wrote down a summary, I wouldn't even understand it myself. I can tell you that it had been one of my very first WIPs since I started writing and it had stuck with me for a long time.

PP: What do you hope to inspire/convey to your readers with your writing?

LRWH: Dreams do come true? No, Disney stole that.

This is going to sound cliched but I really want to inspire readers to never give up, keep your imagination alive and you're never too old, or young, for anything (teenagers can go trick-or-treating too)!

PP:What do you absolutely need to have in order to write?

LRWH:Music. Definitely music. I like to write the emotions the songs convey and it really helps me keep in the flow with my WIP.

Thank you for interviewing me, Prerna! This has been an awesome experience :D

And a thanks to Sabrina for letting me interview her! Check out her blog from the link above. Hopefully I have some more interviews to conduct in the future. I love getting to know my online writer friends. Have a great day everyone!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monkey Mondays

Why? Because I kind of feel like a lost monkey, jumping from tree to tree, hoping to get something accomplished by the end of the day, other than munching on bananas. I started taking Unisom over the weekend for my morning sickness. So far so good. Downside? I'm tired. Even more so than usual. I take half a dose before bedtime and the little bugger works well into the morning. I even ate breakfast this morning, granted it was brownies and ice cream so the nutritional value was slim to none, but it was delicious nonetheless. I don't want to live in a world where eating dessert for breakfast is unacceptable. The downside of being even more tired? My motivation to do anything other than sit on the couch and watch the season premiere of Dexter is nonexistent. But I did get some more work done over the weekend and I plan on trying to do some more. I'm working on the other shiny new project as well, so it looks like I may not be as incapacitated I believe myself to be. How did all of you spend your weekend? Oh, I'll be posting Little Red Writing Hood's interview on Wednesday. Oh crap, I just got a hankering for some seafood no thanks to a Red Lobster commercial.