Friday, September 30, 2011

Five for Friday

1. I wrote three days in row! It was surprisingly refreshing. I felt energized, maybe because I put more than two coherent sentences together. Mainly because I've been putting off changing a scene at the end of my manuscript, and I finally got it together the way I want...for now...actually, until tomorrow when I realize it all sucks and redo the whole thing.

2. I read an awesome book last week and I plan on doing a review next week. The subject matter is sensitive, but I think the author handled things brilliantly.

3. Look out for an interview here of Little Red Writing Hood herself, Sabrina Llave, and she'll also be interviewing me on hers. I'll keep you posted on when things actually take place.

4. Dr. Pepper is my new best friend. I'm sorry, chocolate, you've been replaced, but only until the morning sickness goes away, then we can get things back on track. Yeah, I know soda is horrible for you, especially when you're pregnant, but it seems to be the only thing keeping me going at the moment.

5. I'm about to go make some book purchases, and that is always wonderful and exciting! I'll keep reviewing books here, maybe I'll make my Wednesday posts reserved for those. I'm going to go back and review some books I enjoyed in the past. Be forewarned, there are a lot.

Have an awesome weekend full of joyful reading, possibly some writing, and quality time with your loved ones. I think I might just continue to spend it with dear old Dr. Pepper.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


A black cat just ran across my yard. It was cute. Now I'm not a cat person by nature, dogs are more my type (not that I want to take care of one at the moment, I've tried it and things did not work out in the end), but I'm not one of those people that thinks black cats are a sign of a bad omen. In fact, I think black cats might be good luck. Instead of having a sense of dread take over when I saw this animal scurrying about, I took it as a good sign, that even though things seem difficult right now and my dream may seem impossible, good things are around the corner. Yeah, that's a lot of interpreting on my part,maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I don't think so. I'm not a superstitious person by nature, but sometimes I find myself doing things that may tell people otherwise. Like how I try to avoid walking on cracks, or opening umbrellas indoors, but I don't live by these beliefs. Who even decided black cats were bad luck? Ancient Egyptians and other cultures around the world believe that cats protect us from evil spirits. Then there are those that believe they will suck the life out of you while you sleep. I don't know where these superstitions were born, but I know that cats aren't evil by nature, they just like to do their own thing. I won't ever own one because 1. My husband is very allergic to them and 2. So is my mother-in-law, and contrary to popular belief, I actually really like her and enjoy having her around. If I ever did get a cat it would be jet black and I would name him Binx. What about all of you out there, are there certain superstitions that you live by? Or maybe you made your own superstitions? Or do you think that the whole thing is a bunch of hoopla?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


If you haven't already heard about the contest taking place over on YA confidential then click here
It's freaking awesome. I mean, you could win a critique from actual agents! Sarah LaPolla (she's on my list to query!!!) and Vickie Motter. You can also win a bunch of arcs as well. I think it sounds pretty sweet, so go and follow the instructions to enter! It closes on October 7, so you still have time.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Sorry I didn't do the usual Five for Friday last week, but I severely lacked energy. I spent most of this weekend curled up on the couch thinking about writing. Not.Fun. And the sad part is last Thursday was my hubby's birthday. In case you're wondering, we didn't do much celebrating. We're postponing any kind of celebration until I feel better. All I have to say is I better be normal by Thanksgiving, or I might just lose it. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, mainly because of the food, but I'm especially excited this year because we might be in LA celebrating! Actually, I hope I'm better by Halloween, I don't want to be miserable while my kids are out trick-or-treating with their cute little selves (and I want to be able to sneak some of their candy). What else happened this weekend? Our college football team is ranked in the top five of the nation and so my husband went to the home game on Saturday (as part of his birthday present), he has season tickets. Now I know some of you may be thinking, who leaves a poor pregnant woman suffering from morning sickness with three kids for the better part of the night? Well, my husband more than made up for leaving me. Our refrigerator was lacking some important components (like food) because I can't stand to go the store, what with all those different smells melding together, it's a recipe for disaster. So, my hubby went shopping for me. And then yesterday he even made dinner! I was pleasantly surprised. I honestly can't remember the last time his version of dinner wasn't going to a drive through. Confession: when my husband and I were dating and first married, he did ALL the cooking. I knew that if I gave it a try I would succeed, how could I not with two parents who are gifted in the culinary department, but it was nice having him take care of it. Then when I got pregnant and was so sick I could no longer work, I took over the kitchen reins. I am no gourmet chef, but I think over the years I have really bloomed as a cook.

Okay, enough of my rambling that has nothing to do with writing, which is the point of this blog. I'll be back on Wednesday (or maybe even tomorrow...the suspense is going to kill you!) to share a contest I recently discovered. I'm also going to attempt the new Campaign Challenge, but with my lack of brain function, that might be the equivalent of me trying to climb Mount Everest. We'll see. Thanks for sticking with me you guys, I promise I'll try to write far more interesting things than my pregnancy turmoil from here on out. Hope all of you had a wonderful, productive weekend!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hidden Enemy

You know when they say that the only thing standing in the way of your success is yourself? Well, there's a reason for it, because it's true. Going through my work, rebuilding scenes, creating new ones, I came to the realization that I am my own worst enemy. There's no one out there wishing for my failure (well, maybe there is, but I just don't know it), but even so, it's not like they have any control over whether or not I succeed. That, my friend, is entirely up to me. Laziness can be a big factor keeping me from my dream, along with morning sickness, but the power is in my hands. I can make the choice to get up every day and either put in the hard work and push myself, or sit on the couch and moan and complain about the unfairness of it all. In this industry luck can be a big factor in if you get that six figure deal, or a more reasonable pay day, or yet another rejection. But what's wrong with making our own luck? When things fall apart people like to say, 'everything happens for a reason' but here's the thing, NOTHING is going to happen unless you make it happen. You're not going to get that dream job unless you apply for it, you aren't going to win the lottery without a ticket, and you sure aren't going to be published if you don't sit your behind down on the chair and type your little heart out. YOU are in control of your fate, take it in your hands and make something happen. Disclaimer: results may vary. It might take you over a hundred queries before you land an agent, or only fifteen (if only I were THAT lucky) but it'll happen. Sooner or later, if you put in the work, practiced your craft daily and got better, read a lot of books, immersed yourself in writing, it will happen. I'm not sure where my journey is leading me, I have no clue if I'll ever get to the point where my work is published, but I have faith that no matter what, I'm doing what makes me happy. I won't give up. I'm going to make my own luck.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Writing and Television

So last night were the Emmys and Modern Family was the big winner of the night and I have to say that that made me happy, especially Ty Burrell's win as Phil Dunphy, who just happens to be my husband's hero, everything that man does on the show is like gold to my husband. And I was beyond ecstatic that Kyle Chandler won an Emmy for his role on Friday Night Lights, a favorite of mine. I may have mentioned this before but I totes crushed on Coach Taylor when I watched that show, he is perfect. The only thing I was disappointed in was that Steve Carell was snubbed, I love Michael Scott and cried on his final episode on the Office, he deserved the win. Okay, I watch way too much TV, I think I've established that fact by now, but it was fun watching Jane Lynch host and laugh out loud at some of the antics, especially when Andy Samburg and his crew took over the stage (anyone else get a kick out of the William H. Macy scene?).

Okay, moving on...I could probably continue by breaking down all the fashion hits and misses (Nina Doberav killed it...Amy Poehlar not so much), but I'll spare you.

I did get some work done on the writing front. No, I did not spend all weekend watching celebrities get ready for award season, as much as my post points to the contrary. I did some outlining along with working out some of the other minor details ( minor meaning trying to name my characters...the witch has a name, so does the leading lady's love interest, but I'm still struggling to find the perfect name match for the protagonist). I am not the most organized of writer, I kind of jump in head first and work out the details later on, which is probably why it took me so (embarrassingly) long to finish the first draft of The Circle of Elements. I'm not going to make that mistake again. I'm excited about this project, and isn't that always nice? What about all of you, what kind of writers are you? Organizers that would give Martha Stewart a run for her money, or do you just jump right into the story? I don't think there's a right or wrong way to write a story, as long as you get it done in a reasonable amount of time and are proud of what you created, that's all that matters.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Five for Friday

1. I took a trip down memory lane yesterday, the one filled with pink glitter, sparkly flowers, shoes so thick that they make a whole foot taller, and bold curly writing that says 'girl power' everywhere you turn. That's right, I watched Spice World. I think the last time I watched that movie was when I was 12, but I still remembered all the lyrics to the songs and felt surges of pride whenever they shouted 'girl power' or wore t-shirts baring the mantra. My daughter even snuggled up next to me and watched the fun-filled absurdity unfold. A couple of times she even got up and danced around the coffee table. Yes, I am a Spice Girls fan, and I hope that they decide to do another tour because I would so buy tickets!

2. I've noticed a trend in my emotions as of late,the trend being tears. I'll watch a preview for that new dolphin movie (you know the one, they've been advertising it like crazy) and find tears silently trickling down my cheeks. I don't burst into tears mind you, but it comes pretty close to that line of hysterical crying. Hormones are wack! I mean it, I probably cry more while I'm pregnant than I do my whole life combined. I even got emotional over the Spice Girls!

3. You can imagine with such high strung emotions that this would be the perfect time to work on some of those more emotional scenes in my new story, but I'mascared...mainly of bursting into tears and feeling absolutely ridiculous, but I'm going to give it a try anyway- this weekend. Yes, I am making a promise to myself (not to anyone else because it's easier to let myself down rather than someone else) to get some writing done, no matter how many excuses I can come up with- trust me there are a lot- I will be productive darn it!

4. The story I'm currently working on has witches, and I'm very excited to delve deeper into all that mythology, it fascinates me. I've loved witches ever since I watched Hocus Pocus back when I was six- it was the first movie I ever saw in the US theaters. I'm having fun coming up with spells and things like that. The story takes place in a fictional Massachusetts town haunted by the local witch. Most of my stories are set back east because that's where I grew up. I love all the lush forests there, the greenness of the setting, the humidity, the rain- man do I miss all those thunderstorms.

5. I know I'm late for this, but I just wanted to wish everyone that lost anyone during the 9-11 attacks well. My dad was working in DC during the time of the attacks and I remember being so scared that something might have happened to him. I can't even begin to imagine the fear that shook the residents of New York City. I'm so grateful to live where I do, to be able to enjoy the freedoms that many cannot in nations across the world. It's nice to be able to choose my own beliefs, whether they be religious or political.

Okay everyone, have a safe and happy weekend, I hope you all get some writing done!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jane Eyre

I just finished watching the new Jane Eyre movie starring Mia Wasikowska (wow that's a mouthful)and Michael Fassbender.I have to say that I really enjoyed it. Jane Eyre is one of my favorite books and I've seen pretty much every single movie version of it. The acting in this new 'remake' was phenomenal, not to mention Magneto from X-Men first class played Mr. Rochester.
I'll tell you why this story struck a chord, making me sad, angry, and hopeful at the best of times. The summer before my freshman year in high school was BORING. My older sister went to college early to get a couple extra courses in. It was just me, my little brother, and my parents,both of whom worked full-time,which made it impossible to see my friends since there was no car or chauffeur available to me. Earlier that year my mom had acquired a boatload of books from a friend who moved out of state. Jane Eyre was in that collection. One frightfully dull summer morning I decided to browse my mom's new library, hoping to find something that might appeal to me. Jane Eyre immediately caught my eye. I had heard of it, my sister had even read it in her English class and she had mentioned how much she liked it, so I picked it up and decided to give it a try, thinking nothing more of it.
That book changed me. I couldn't believe that this story of a 'simple' girl who is anything but could have such an impact on me, and that I actually understood the language ( I was smarter than I thought!) or that I liked something by a Bronte sister. You see I attempted reading Wuthering Heights the year before but could not get myself to care about Heathcliff or Catherine (sorry to all you Wuthering Heights fans) they were just too selfish for my liking. If I hadn't read Jane Eyre that summer who knows how long it would have taken me to get to all the other English classics.
I honestly believe that Jane Eyre deserves all the attention it has garnered throughout the years, because for me it paved the way for all those other books I might have found daunting later on in my life. Less than a year later I discovered Pride and Prejudice, and it's hard to think about what my world might be like without that beautiful story. I found my love for writing through those works. I now appreciate literature in all its forms, and I know that I can conquer any story, no matter how big or small. So Jane Eyre was the gateway into my reading future. I apologize to anyone who isn't as fond as I am of this story, this post is probably sucking it big time for you. And to anyone who hasn't read this classic tale of woe and love, take the time to do so, decide for yourself if it's all that I think it's cracked up to be.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Events and Characters

What an exciting and dramatic weekend I had. The events that I am about to share with you are all true. So Friday morning as my husband was getting ready for work he heard screeching tires from outside our driveway. He went to investigate only to see a gray mercury sable hit our garbage can head on, launching it into the air and across the driveway, spewing disgusting trash that had been sitting in there moulding and turning for some time all across our lawn. As you can imagine my husband was pissed. He got on his motorcycle to seek out this deviant jerk, but the suspect had already gotten away. When he got to work, he shared the story with his co-workers and they urged him to call the police to file a complaint, which he did. The impact of the car caused our trash can to split in a few different spots and the police gave my husband the sanitation department's number so we could get another, which would also end up costing around $50. When he first told me what happened that morning I thought, "Oh hells no!" What if one of our kids had been outside when this reckless driver decided to play hit the can with the car? Not only that but there's a Junior High bus stop right in front of our house, and what if one of those kids had been waiting for their ride and this person hadn't seen them? It's scary.

So Saturday night comes around and my husband isn't tired. At around 12:30 he hears another loud 'BOOM'. He runs to look out the window and sees the exact same car hit our trash can again (which we hadn't brought in from the end of our driveway yet.) First off, how stupid do you have to be to return to the scene of the crime? Not only that, but to commit the exact same crime? Yeah, this guy doesn't have all his marbles together, either that or he's just a cocky prick who thinks he can get away with anything. This time my husband jumped into the car and found the culprit parked in front of another house a few doors down from us, dropping off a friend. My husband pulled up in front of the car, jumped out and asked, "What the hell are you doing?" Now my husband isn't a confrontational person by nature, for the most part he likes to stay out of things. If a server brings him out a dish he doesn't like, he usually won't have it sent back because he doesn't want to make a fuss. But this was beyond reason, you can't behave like that in this world and think you can get away with it. The douchebag who was driving acted like he hadn't done a thing. My husband was on the urge of really losing it when he said, "You know what, let's just let the cops deal with this." He proceeded to pull out his phone, took a picture of the guy's license plate, and drove back home. He then proceeded to call the police, told them what had happened, and they sent over a police cruiser to take his statement. They also contacted the teen, who got into a huge fight with his parents over the ordeal. The cop was more than happy to give a citation for reckless driving. Hopefully he'll have his license revoked as well.

I am a huge believer in Karma. Sooner or later your actions catch with you, one way or another, the universe has this way of evening things out. I'm sure that our poor trash can was not the first victim for this teen driver, and for all those other nameless plastic bins I say a 'You're welcome.' But that's not the only thing that I thought about when reviewing this incident. This got me to thinking about my male MC in my manuscript, Kale, and why it is that he would never pull a stunt like the one that kid did with us. You see Kale was raised to have respect for his elders and for other people's property. His parents are pretty high up in the social world and he has to make sure to keep himself in check. Now Kale's best friend Chris might be the kind of guy to get a kick out of hitting people's trash cans with his car, or using their mailboxes for batting practice, but thankfully he has Kale to keep him in line. That's not to say that those two don't get into a few perdicaments every now and then, but for the most part Kale is the angel on Chris's shoulder, keeping him in check, while Chris is the devil on Kale's shoulder, egging him on to step outside the lines. Kale's parents aren't too fond of his best friend, and they've had many anights with Kale hiding a smirk in his elbow, while he comes up with some flimsy excuse for doing something out character, (not illegal mind you, but fun nonetheless) that his parents might not approve of. I'm just glad that he has sense of right and wrong, and that he knows better than to go around messing up people's property or disrespect others in such a juvenile way. If my kid was running around pulling s*#@t like that, I would want to know, but luckily for Kale's parents, their son likes to have fun without hurting others in the process.

Okay, this post is way too long. I apologize. I hope none of you have a run-in like ours, and that all your garbage cans stay safe and sound in your driveways.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Five for Friday

1. Guess what I've been doing for the last hour? Working on my manuscript! And I have to say, it's really nice to get back into it. Reunited and it feels so good. Maybe doing the flash fiction earlier this week helped me to get out that braindead rut I've been in the last couple of weeks.

2. Speaking of the Campaign, I'm really enjoying making the rounds and reading everyone's entries. It's amazing to see all the different interpretations of one simple line. I have to say, I'm really impressed, and I'm not just saying that to suck up to anyone, but because I am genuinley blown away by all the great writers out there. It's a little intimidating, but I'm glad to get to know all of you!

3. I am planning on doing a lot of sleeping this weekend. I can't remember the last time I really took a nap, but over the last week I've found myself dozing off on the couch while my kids are running around playing and destroying my house. I really need to get a handle over this pregnancy thing.

4. Last week Hastings had a four for one dollar sale on many selections of their books. Twenty five cents for a book? Now that's what I call a bargain. I picked up about fourteen books for myself, all of which I wouldn't normally buy, but I've been wanting to get out of my reading comfort zone. One that I'm really excited about, mainly because I loved the movie, is About A Boy. ANyone else seen it or read the book? How do they compare? Now I know that books are always better than the movie versions, but I'm still curious to see if it holds up with this one.

5. I've written out a few posts that don't have much to do with writing but are just sitting there for the moment until I get the nerve to publish them. They're just a few insights into life and television and pop culture. I think I've mentioned this before but I'm a little obsessed with pop culture and what not. I used to watch Entertainment Tonight and E! news religiously, and know things that normal every day people shouldn't about celebrities. But I think I might post them just for the heck of it. It might be a nice change of pace from my pregnancy complaints.

Okay all, have a great weekend. I'm going to go read some more of your wonderful entries over at Campaign Headquarters, AKA, Rachel Harrie's blog.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Book Review: Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

Let me start off by saying that I'm a Vampire Academy fan. I've read all the books and was sad to say goodbye to Rose and the gang. But then Ms.Mead made the announcement of a spin off series,hope was ignited. Here's a description of Bloodlines from goodreads:

When alchemist Sydney is ordered into hiding to protect the life of Moroi princess Jill Dragomir, the last place she expects to be sent is a human private school in Palm Springs, California. But at their new school, the drama is only just beginning.

Populated with new faces as well as familiar ones, Bloodlines explores all the friendship, romance, battles and betrayals that made the #1 New York Times bestselling Vampire Academy series so addictive - this time in a part-vampire, part-human setting where the stakes are even higher and everyone's out for blood.

Okay, some of those who have read the Vampires Academy series may have had certain issues with Rose's POV. She could be pretty headstrong at times, jumping into action before thinking, which got her into all sorts of trouble. But where Rose was impulsive, Sydney is reserved, over thinking every action with meticulous planning ahead, and that can be a little hard to get used to. Sydney doesn't know how to stand up for herself and it drove me crazy because I knew that there was no way Rose would put up with that shiz, but after I got used to Sydney as a narrator and got Rose out of my head, I began to understand where she was coming from.
Some of your faves from VA do make an appearance in this book, even Rose, but the feel is different not only because of the change in POV but because the setting is no longer at St.Vladimir's but up at Palm Springs, CA, which made me miss the Academy.
Then there's the romance. From the moment Rose meets Dimitri you know what's going to happen, things are going to get sexy. But the build up to the romance in Bloodlines is slow, and I honestly can't say who I think will end up with who because of all the complications standing in the way of the relationships Ms. Mead is trying to bring together.
All in all she hasn't lost her touch. There were plenty of twists I didn't see coming and the storyline kept my attention. I'm curious to see where Sydney's story takes us and to see all the romance blossom through the series. Hope this is helpful to anyone thinking about picking up the new series. I highly recommend reading the Vampire Academy series first though, so you don't feel out of the loop on what's going on. Happy reading!

Monday, September 5, 2011

1st Campaign Challenge!!!

Okay, so I FINALLY got some writing done. But it wasn't on my manuscript, it was the for the flash fiction that is our first Campaign Challenge. It was put together kind of quickly, but I hope you enjoy it anway. I also did 200 words exactly and ended it with "The door swung shut." That was quite an accomplishment. The title is The Hunted Hunter:

The Door swung open
He stood with his long dark trench coat and scarf hiding his face, as the brim of his black Stetson created slits for his eyes that shined brightly with anticipation, just a shadow against the night. His hand glossed over the sharp edges of the curved knife, the silver glinting beneath the moonlight. Heart pounding, hands itching, he was ready for the hunt.

Mishapen shapes protruded through the envelope of the black night, snarling with their jagged teeth, the saliva dripping as the scent of his pulsing blood caressed their mouths. They had finally come to hunt the hunter

Beneath the glooming layers of his scarf a smile lifted, the trace of emotion invisible beneath his mask of blood and death. His eyes cast across the threshold. “Let’s get this over with, shall we boys?” The Hunter’s voice was clear and unruffled, the brusque threat of his words music to their ears.

The growls grew louder, deafening the haunted forest.

The Hunter’s smile deepened. His hand slid out the weapon, the only companion left for him, and the angry howls tore into the sky.
“I promise I’ll make it hurt,” He said. The door swung shut.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Five for Friday

1. Oh my goodness people, I am so brain dead. I honestly can't think of one, let alone five things to write about. Well maybe I can, but they'd all have something to do with the monster taking over my belly, and I highly doubt you want to read about the many different things that I used to love but now make me throw up...I miss enjoying food:-(

2. So you can guess from the downward spiral my health has taken that writing hasn't really been an option. I'm tired all the time and my brain is being sucked dry, but I still have a great desire to sit in front of the computer screen and write my little heart out. I miss it, and I've been away for only a week! I think it's time to let the creativity flow before it dries up like a tired old mushroom that's been sitting out in the sun for days (have you ever seen those, they're not a pretty sight).

3. I've had some time to read and I want to do another book review. I recently finished Bloodlines, Richelle Mead's spin off series to Vampire Academy- a series that I greatly enjoyed.

4. Warning: I'm about to have a mom moment. My oldest is finishing up his second week of kindergarten and things are going well. It took him some time to adjust, but he's finally getting comfortable with the classroom setting and even making friends! What can I say, I'm a proud mama.

5. I'm excited for the opportunity presented with the Writer's Platform Building Campaign and can't wait for the first challenge. It's been nice to visit my fellow bloggers' and aspiring writers' blogs and get to know everyone better. It's also nice to see all the new faces on my own blog. I hope everyone else in the campaign is as pumped up as I am about what's going to happen (which I'm still kind of in the dark about because this is my first campaign). Okay, have a great weekend everyone, and get some writing done, I know I'm going to try to!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

More Awards? I Am NOT Worthy

Okay so Jess over at writeskatedream gave me another award:

And it's pretty awesome, thanks Jess! Now I get to pick five other winners for this award with a blog following of less than 250...Here goes:

1. Miss Cole over at colewritingblog

2.The East Coaster over at publishedinayear

3.Rick Lipman at

4.Leslie Rose over at Yes, this will be on the test

5.Ruth over at babyruthwrites

As I said before, I'm only sorry that I couldn't pick all of you. Hope you guys are having a good week. Mine...well, let's just say that I am beginning to remember why this pregnancy thing can suck at times. I'll be back tomorrow for a Five for Friday!