Monday, June 22, 2015

Ready. Set. Write! Check In: Week 3

Three weeks into this and I'm making progress!

How I Did On Last Week's Goals:

Revise one chapter: Check!

Figure out what project I want to work on: Check!

Read something: I got Snow Like Ashes from the library, but the week was too busy for me to get to it.

Spend time with my kids: We went to see Jurassic World with the kids, they loved it, although my girls fell asleep. We also spent a few nights making up games to play outside, which they loved, and we went to the lake this past weekend.

My Goals For This Week:

- Revise another chapter
- Read a book!
-Write new words
- Continue building memories with my kids.

A Favorite Line From My Story Or One Word/ Phrase That Sums Up What I Wrote/Revised:
Continuity. Since the revisions I'm making change certain time lines along with a couple of plot points, I've had to be real careful about making sure it all makes sense!

The Biggest Challenge I Faced This Week:
Motivation. Sometimes just making yourself open up the document can seem like such a chore.

Something I Love About My WIP:
The setting. In both my stories I created fictional towns and I love making up the shops and characters and history.

Hope you all had a productive week!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cover Reveal: SWAY by Melanie Stanford

I'm so excited to take part in the cover reveal of Melanie Stanford's upcoming book, SWAY.


I'm Jessie Spano EXCITED!

 I met Melanie online a few years ago when I won a critique contest she ran. She was sweet enough to read my whole manuscript and give me some great advice, and in return I had the privilege of beta reading her project back when it was a baby. I'm so happy that SWAY is going to be an actual book, all grown up. It was superbly written and being a modern version of Jane Austen's Persuasion, one of my favorite books ever, only made it sweeter.

Ava Elliot never thought she’d become a couch surfer. But with a freshly minted—and worthless—degree from Julliard, and her dad squandering the family fortune, what choice does she have?

Living with her old high school friends, though, has its own drawbacks. Especially when her ex-fiancé Eric Wentworth drops back into her life. Eight years ago, she was too young, too scared of being poor, and too scared of her dad’s disapproval. Dumping him was a big mistake.

In the most ironic of role reversals, Eric is rolling in musical success, and Ava’s starting at the bottom to build her career. Worse, every song Eric sings is an arrow aimed straight for her regrets.

One encounter, one song too many, and Ava can’t go on like this. It’s time to tell Eric the truth, and make a choice. Finally let go of the past, or risk her heart for a second chance with her first love. If he can forgive her…and she can forgive herself.

Without further ado, presenting the cover of SWAY......



Here it comes!


It's SO PRETTY and goes along perfectly with the story and the characters' passion: music. 
The release date is this winter, but for a more official date be sure to follow up on Melanie's blog for updates. And speaking of the author, here's a bit more about her:

Melanie Stanford reads too much, plays music too loud, is sometimes dancing, and always daydreaming. She would also like her very own TARDIS, but only to travel to the past. She lives outside Calgary, Alberta, Canada with her husband, four kids, and ridiculous amounts of snow.

Be sure to check out Melanie's website: for more information and follow her on Twitter @MelMStandford! 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Ready. Set. Write! Check in: Week 2

Can't believe one week has already flown by! Here is my update, so far...

How I Did On Last Week's Goals:

Not too shabby. My goals for last week were:
- Revise a chapter: I got a chapter revised! Woohoo!
-Write 2k on another project: BUT only write a few hundred words on another project. I'm really struggling to figure out which of my many ideas I want to work on and feel pulled in so many different directions.
-Read Something: On the plus side I DID read Under a Painted Sky by Stacey Lee and it was wonderful!

My Goals For This Week:

- Revise another chapter (maybe 2?)
- Figure out what other project I want to work on and go from there
- Read another book

A Favorite Line From My Story Or One Word/ Phrase That Sums Up What I Wrote/Revised:
Stripes of street lights shifted along my skin and I drew in a breath. It was scary how well Kyle knew my dad. Better than me, it seemed. 

The Biggest Challenge I Faced This Week:

Time. We had a very busy family week. Almost every night, because of the heat, we had water fights and then played on the trampoline afterwards to cool down. I think I might add another goal for this summer: spend as much quality time as possible with my kids before baby gets here!

Something I Love About My WIP:

The romantic subplot. It's not the main focus, but man do I love me some swoon worthy scenes!

That's all from me, folks! Hope you all have a great writing and goal checking week!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Ready. Set. Write! Goal Setting

It's baaaaack! And I'm so grateful for it since I need some serious writing motivation. Here are my goals for this week.

Summer goals:
- Finish revising Restoring Casey
- Finish first draft of another story (I have several at different stages of the drafting process)
- Read some quality books

Goals for this week:
Revise one chapter and write up to 2k on another project. And if I can manage it, read something.

Good luck to everyone participating!