Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why it is the way it is

My days are pretty hectic. I have three little ones that demand (yes, DEMAND) my attention, I have make sure my home doesn't look like the site of a nuclea disaster, provide food for said little ones, make sure they have clean clothes, and that they themselves are clean, and make sure I don't lose my sanity while all of this chaos surrounds me. On top of that I have to find time to write. Actually, I don't HAVE to do anything, but I WANT time to write. In order for this to happen the planets must align perfecly causing the Earth's rotation to...blah blah blah, you get the picture- it's difficult. But I do it anyway, because it's what I love. And i firmly believe that all moms (and non-moms alike- pretty much anyone with a crazy life) deserve so 'me' time. It's not selfish, it's reasonable. Even if it's just fifteen minutes. You  have no idea how incredible those fifteen minutes feel. It's like taking a bite out of the most decadent, moist, delicious chocolate cake (you can change this visual to whatever dessert tickles your fancy, I'm a chocolate gal myself). Okay, truth be told, in order for my life to feel balanced, in order for me to not lose it, in order to feel even more fulfilled than I already do, I make time to write. I get up earlier than my kids, at least an hour, I stay up later than them, I write while they're too distracted to notice my absence- pretty much any opportunity I can get. I grab my laptop, or notebook-which ever is on hand, and start going. Everyone has their own way of doing things, all that matters is that we do it.

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