Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Five

This is my first Friday Five, and I'm not quite sure if I even have five things worth discussing. Okay, I'm a pretty random person as it is, my mind is like a minefield of cluttered thoughts, all squished together, spouting out every now then after an explosion of a thought that seems to have nothing to do with anything, but in my head it makes perfect sense. Kind of like Lorelai Gilmore, I can connect the dots back to where the random thought came into play, but to most people, I appear crazy. So here goes nothing.

1. I am still waiting to hear back from a few different agents. Some of them have stated they don't respond unless interested, so I might be waiting for..well..forever. Not fun.

2. I just recovered from a pretty nasty cold, but it appears that my daughter has just caught the tailend of it as everyone else was getting better. Now I'm all freaked out because I think the germs around going to respreand and we're all going to get sick again. Which sucks because we have a family vacation coming up next weekend.

3. That family vacation isn't really a vacation. We're just visiting some family that live a few hours away for my oldest son's birthday. He's turning five and I'm freaking out because he starts school in the fall, which doesn't seem possible because sometimes I'll look at him and he still looks like that newborn little baby that I held not so very long ago. Other times, though, he seems way older than he is. Time flies by way too quickly when you have little ones, cherish every minute you have with them.

4. It's the long weekend, which means that my house will be a complete disaster come Tuesday morning. I don't know how he does it, but my husband manages to cause substantial disarray in our home when he's around. I find socks stuffed into the couches or on top of the dining table (what is up with that???), dishes are piled higher than normal, my floors are covered in grime, things are just ugly. I am not looking forward to the deep cleaning that must take place once he returns to work.

5. As I mentioned above, it's the long weekend. I plan on enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. I'm excited to hang out with my family, and watch my kids run and play. We don't have anything exciting planned, but the kiddos always enjoy having dad around for an extra day. I hope that anyone that reads this also has an enjoyable time with friends and family. It's always nice to have some down time, no matter what kind of disasters you may find in your home afterwards.

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