Friday, May 20, 2011

Favorite Author Spotlight: Juliet Marillier

I have several authors that are my favorite. As long as the story is engaging and well written; I am most likely going to enjoy it. But there's a way that a certain author will weave their words together that just gets to me, making me fall into the story, hoping for more. Juliet Marillier is one of these authors. I remember reading Daughter of the Forest my sophmore year in high school. It changed my life. There aren't many times you can say that about a book, but I can say that about this particular book with certainty. It was beautiful, sad, poignant, and crafted with such delicacy. I love Ms. Marillier's style of writing, it speaks to me. This book changed the course of my reading habits. I wasn't really into fantasy before randomly selecting it out of a shelf because of its eye grabbing cover, especially not historical fantasy-which is Ms. Marillier's specialty. Since then I have read every single one of her books. I just recently finished Seer of Sevenwaters- the fifth installment in her Sevenwaters trilogy, and folks, let me tell  you- she's still got it. I hope Ms. Marillier continues to write, her stories are compelling and leave me satisfied- with just an after taste of wanting more. So thank you, Juliet Marillier, for opening my eyes to an entirely new genre of books. If she hadn't, maybe I would still think I was crazy for making up stories in my head that involved magic and lore.

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