Monday, May 16, 2011


I've been having a hard time classifying my book. Is it YA fantasy? YA paranormal romance? YA urban fantasy? I've had to look up the differences online, and I guess it's a YA paranormal romance with a bit of the urban fantasy mixed in. What I loved about writing YA in any form is helping your characters pull through those emotional tornadoes you often experience at that age. My characters on the older side of the spectrum, but they're still trying to learn about themselves, and I really enjoy watching them grow- with or without my help. It's kind of amazing how they shape themselves as you continue to write along. Anyway, I should do a post about the books I've been enjoying lately. I just finished 'Going Too Far' By Jennifer Echols and really enjoyed it. I thought the author had a great grasp on the YA format and the story was engaging. Okay, off to work on my story!

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