Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Want To Go To There

                                                         Please Please Please, I want to go!

In the infamous words of Liz Lemon, my food soul sister, I am doing a post about where I wish I had been earlier this month. No, it's not tropical or Italy (I wish!). I wanted to be at the LDStorymakers conference. The drive to Salt Lake is a few short hours and I know I could have made it...if it hadn't been for the whole baby thing. Quite frankly, walking around with a brand new baby who wants to nurse constantly isn't ideal. So, I'm putting it off until next year. By then said baby will be weaned and I'll be able to get away while the hubs watches the kids no problemo. I just need to make sure he knows what's up before I go zooming off in the car. I've always wanted to go to a writing conference and this is the one closest to me that I REALLY REALLY REALLY (picture a 5 yo begging for candy and making pouty faces) want to go.

Not only for the learning experience (all the workshops would be SO helpful...I have so much knowledge to gain from all the professionals), but I would also like to meet some of my fellow bloggers. You all are too cool for school ;). So that's my goal, I will go to the 2013 LDStorymakers conference, and I'm already giddy with excitment. What about you guys, what kind of experiences have you had at writing conferences? Where were they? And are they as awesome as everyone makes them out to be? And, set your calendars for next years conference. You can meet me and make comments about my height (or lack thereof) all you want and I won't even get mad. Seriously.


  1. I've never been to a conference, but I definitely need to go--they sound like so much fun!

  2. Good goal! Maybe we can meet up there:)