Friday, May 18, 2012

Five for Friday

1. OMG, you guys, I'm totally buggin'. We're almost half way through the year. What the #$%&*$??? Time is quickly slipping away and I NEED to get better at prioritizing.

2. I rewatched Clueless recently, if you couldn't tell from number 1, and I was reminded of my love for Cher and Josh. Have you noticed that Paul Rudd never ages? He and Jason Bateman need to pass along their secret.

3. Writing wise I'm a little behind. There's just so much going on whether it's baby and kid stuff, family visiting. sleeping issues, life is out of control.

4. Reading wise, I'm in a healthy state. I'm right on track to achieve my goal of one book a week for the whole year. Woot woot! Not complaining.

5. Got lots of yard work to do tomorrow. We're having the 5 year olds 6th party here with all his friends and our yard needs to be in tip top shape.

Have a weekend filled with rays of sunshine!


  1. I'm behind writing wise too. I can't believe the year's nearly half over! Eek! Have a good weekend and a fun party! :)

  2. I try not to think about it, or I might freak... Shouldn't I have finished my novel by now....!!! Not going to think about it almost being half year...

  3. Yay for getting some good reading done! I'm impressed. Good luck with the birthday party!

  4. Ha ha, that's true! Paul Rund never ages. I haven't seen that movie in so long. I hope your birthday party went well.