Friday, January 4, 2013

Five for Friday

1. It seems like whenever my kids are at home from school for a break, someone gets sick. This time was no exception. Fevers and ear infections are running amuck. My 8 month old is the sickest she's ever been and it's SO sad. Hearing her say 'mama' with a stuffed up nose is the worst. Really, as a parent I hate that feeling of hopelessness when it comes to your children's health. There's only so much you can do, especially when they're so little.

2. I decided not to post resolutions this year. I have some, but for the most part my focus is going to be on just being happy with the now. I don't want to focus on what can be or what once was, I just want to live in what is happening now.

3. I just finished my first book for 2013! Kind of exciting. I'm hoping to keep up the trend from last year and read one every week. Although I beat that number by over twenty this year so I think it's doable.

4. It's so sad having to put away all the Christmas decorations, especially the tree. Now all the stores are packed with pink and red and it just doesn't feel the same. I kind of wish once Christmas ended the whole winter season would kind of just disappear and spring would start blooming. It's been frigidly cold here and I am NOT a fan of this kind of cold.

5. I got my Godiva hot chocolate for the season! And my husband was sweet enough to buy me a box of their hot chocolate mix so now I can make some at home. Let me tell you, I've never had a mix this good before, it tastes just like the stuff I get at Starbucks. Yum!

Hope you guys are keeping warm this winter season and having an amazing beginning to 2013!


  1. I will second #4! I love snow for Christmas, but I would be fine if it all melted January 1st!
    Hope all your little ones feel better soon. :)

  2. I love Godiva hot chocolate. Enjoy it! Hope your little one feels better soon.

  3. Being happy in the now is an awesome aim!

  4. Yay for hot chocolate! And I understand about not posting resolutions. I posted mine in relation to writing, but nothing personal. It's just not something I want floating around in cyberspace, you know?

  5. Aaawww...your poor little baby. It's so awful when they are sick, isn't it? I hope she feels better soon!!

    And I like your "resolution" to be happy and live in the present. That's the best kind you can have.

    I didn't make my goal for reading last year and then, this year, decided to start off with an horribly long Stephen King book. haha. I really wish i could count him as TWO books on my list. It should definitely be allowed, don't you think?

  6. Aww, I'm sorry to hear your kids have been sick. A nasty cold has been going around here too. We're just recovering now. Enjoy your hot chocolate and stay warm!

  7. Awww man, I was with you on the sick kiddo front. All three of mine had a terrible sickness over the break. Hope all is well in your house now and happy reading!

  8. I'm sorry about the illnesses. So many of my students have been sick and they pass it on to me.

    I don't think I've ever had Godiva hot chocolate. It sounds divine.