Monday, August 4, 2014

Ready. Set. WRITE!

How I Did On Last Week's Goals:
Work on my query for Fading: Check. It's still rough, but after writing three different versions I found one I like.
Add 1-2k on another project: This didn't happen so much. I got notes back from my CP for Fading and worked on that instead. I also had a HUGE plot breakthrough and am implementing those changes into the story. 

My Goals For This Week:
Finish adding plot changes to Fading. And revise my query letter. 

One Word That Sums Up What I Wrote/Revised:
Hard. The new plot change is one I've thought about for some time but didn't go through with before because I thought it would be too hard, not only to write but research. But not doing something because it's hard is incredibly lazy and makes it seem like you have no faith in yourself as a writer. So here I am, doing something difficult and scary, but I love it!

The Biggest Challenge I Faced This Week:
Doubts. They didn't hit until the weekend, but it really scared me. Thinking that my story isn't original enough, my writing good enough, it just hit me out of nowhere. I'm shaking it off, but they're always there, waiting to slow my progress.

Something I Love About My WIP:
The fact that it's challenging me to really give it my all.


  1. Yay for plot breakthroughs! I find that the most challenging and scary projects turn out to be the best ones, even if they're a bit scary! Best of luck! :)

  2. I'm so happy to see that you are thriving from the challenge! I'm sure your story will benefit a lot because of it. Can't wait to hear more about that!

  3. Agreed - while hard, things that challenge you and your story will most likely to make you both stronger. Love that you are ready and eager to take it on! Good luck! And have a great week!