Thursday, August 28, 2014

CP/Beta Match Up

The amazing ladies behind Ready. Set. Write! Erin Funke, Alison Miller, Katy Upperman, and Jaime Morrow put together this whole thing, so a big thank you and shout out to them! If you're interested in joining in just click on one of the links above.

Hello possible CPs or Betas, thanks for stopping by! I have a pretty awesome CP, but I would love to have extra eyes for my WIP (and future projects). I'm looking for long term. I've never been a 'casual' kind of girl.

I've never done a love list before here it is anyway:

-Fast cars
-Second chances
-The crispness of winter
-Boys who wear black hoodies
-Street Racing
-late nights
-soft kisses
-hard kisses
-best friends
-family secrets
-first loves

My Story:
Title: Fading
WC: 78k
Here's my query:

Fresh out of jail eighteen-year-old Corey wants to move on with his life. But his past refuses to let go.

 When Corey’s former gang leader, Vance, comes knocking with a request, saying no means putting his family in danger. Forced to vandalize the car of the officer who put him away, Corey realizes escaping his past is everything he wants, and the last thing he’s likely to get.

Seventeen-year-old Tessa has carried the death of her brother far too long. Street racing was the way she honored her daredevil brother’s memory, but after getting caught she hasn’t been allowed near the Mustang that helped her through the worst of her pain. Now she has to figure out another way to let the demons go.

When Tessa catches Corey destroying her car, she should turn him over to the police. Instead, Tessa sees a guy trying to escape his own demons and convinces her father to hire Corey to fix the damage he caused at their home.

Falling for the cop’s daughter is the stupidest thing Corey could possibly do, especially when he’s still in the palm of Vance’s hand. Tessa isn’t at all what he expected, and she gives him something he never thought he’d ever have again− hope. As their relationship grows Corey learns the danger he poses is closer to home than he thought possible, and saying good-bye to Tessa is the only way to keep her and everyone else safe. Tessa isn’t going to sit by the sidelines and watch the boy she’s falling for sacrifice himself again for the ones he loves. So when Tessa discovers that money is what Vance wants, she comes up with a plan. To free Corey from his past Tessa has to race one more time, but in doing so she risks losing herself to the darkness she’s barely avoided. 

That's everything you need to know about the story. As far I go, here it is:
I'm honest, but kind. I love to encourage people to pursue their dreams, and helping them along the way is just the icing on top of a cake filled with potential. I'm a fast reader and if you give me a deadline I take it seriously. I'm not nitpicky, but I will point out the small stuff along with big picture stuff if you want me to. I'm good with pacing and characterization. 

I hope my story and myself pique your interest! BTW, this is so weird, I feel like I'm putting up a profile on a dating website. Oh! And my first five pages are up on WriteOnCon if you want to check them out, here's the link:


  1. I went through and read your first five pages, and I'd love to exchange a few chapters and see if we're a good CP fit... :)

    I'm hoping we will be, because I just went and read your about section and saw your love for Seth Cohen! I have another story (that's been shelved for now) where I modeled the love interest off of Seth Cohen. I adore him.

    I do have almost everything drafted, though I haven't gotten into the revising yet... but we could try maybe two chapters and see what we think of each others' critique style? I realize I didn't say anything about my style, but I think I just try to be kind and let people know things that are working for me AND things that aren't. I can do notes on little stuff or big stuff, up to you!

  2. I love that you love Seth Cohen! I also modeled a character after him in one of my shelved projects (great minds think alike). I'd love exchange a couple of chapters as well.