Friday, March 8, 2013

Five for Friday

1. My e-mail account was hacked last night. Again. Ugh. I don't usually freak out because it happens more than it should, but this time around the spam e-mails were sent to a few agents I queried. I have no idea if I should reach out and let them know what happened or just let them delete the e-mail which I'm sure they'll realize is spam. Any suggestions?

2. On a happier note, I am almost done with Kiersten White's Endlessly. The Paranormalcy series has been fun to read and it'll be sad to see Evie go, but I'm sure the ending will leave me satisfied.

3. This week has been a roller coaster ride of running errands, taking kids to dentist appts., being awake with a teething baby, and not having enough time to just sit and write. I'm hoping today is a slower day and that i can finally get some writing done, because I miss it.

4. The weather has been mostly Springish around these parts and it's been so nice not having to worry about jackets all the time. Our coat closet is overflowing with them and I can't wait until I can store them all away for next winter.

5. I want to go see The Great and Powerful Oz but I'm seeing a lot of mixed reviews, so I'm not sure if I should. It looks visually stunning, but I hear the story line is weak. My little brother went to a midnight showing today (or last night or however you see it) and I'm going to ask him his thoughts on it.

Have a fun weekend!


  1. I had my account hacked once and an email was sent to all sorts of agents and publishers. Yet I think if they don't see a certain subject line, they aren't going to open it. These things happen, so don't worry too much. I took my little guy to the dentist this week too. It was the first time he didn't cry! Brave boy. Have a great weekend.

  2. I bet that happens a lot and they know to delete it. I'd let it go. I'm jealous of the spring weather. We had snow this week, although today is pretty nice.

  3. I LOVED Oz. Definitely see it. Holy cow, I never thought about the agents I've queried getting SPAM via me. I think I need to clean up my contacts so that doesn't happen. Thanks for the heads up. I'm pretty sure they can spot the spam and know it's not you.

  4. Don't worry about emailing those agents, they'll figure it out. And I've been loving the weather, it's nice to get outside!

  5. Probably it will end up in their spam folder so they wouldn't even seen it. Hate hackers!

    Hope you got some writing done. I'll take some of your weather - snow is getting OLD (I mean, not literally - it's always fresh, but I'm bored of it! My kid's nursery was shut this morning because the heating was broken.)

  6. My kids will be nagging me to see that flick, so I'll probably go. Hackers are a pain :/