Friday, March 29, 2013

Five for Friday

1. I'm baaaaaaack. I know, I'm like the woman who cried blogging, I keep saying I'm back and then disappearing again, but I promise this time I'm REALLY going to try and keep the posts coming. I have to say that I've run out of good blogging ideas, which is one of the reasons I've stayed away, I didn't want to bore with the same old same old.

2. I've gotten some great reading done the last couple of weeks and would like to recommend The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken. It's sooo good you guys. With the overwhelming amount of dystopians out in the market sometimes it's hard to find something unique that can hold your attention. Well, The Darkest Minds was that for me. I fell in love with the writing, the world-building, and characters. Ruby was stand-out leading lady and Ms. Bracken did a great job of bringing her to life. And then there's Liam (commence swooning), a great leading guy who's a gentleman all around and knows how to treat a lady. And the ending, you guys, so heart breaking.

3. The 6yo had spring break this week and the husband had to travel for work, so we tagged along with him (one of the reasons I haven't been around). While on said trip we went to the movies and watched The Croods, which I also highly recommend. I was laughing so hard, you guys. And it's not just a kid movie, adults will love it too. The family dynamic was great for comedic relief and was sweet, reminding me to be grateful for my own little family.

4. I still haven't finished the first draft of Restoring Casey, but I'm so close. I'm struggling a bit because I don't think the plot is quite strong enough to stand alone and I know I need to add more character depth to the story. I know that's what editing is for, but I'd like to have a better idea of what direction I want to take the story before getting back to it.

5. Spring is in the air (FINALLY) and I'm loving every second of it. Not only is my birthday in the spring, but it also means it's almost time for summer break! Obviously I don't want summer to get here just yet, but it is nice to know that the weather is finally cooperating.

That's all folks, I'll be back next week (I promise), meanwhile, have an amazing weekend!


  1. I've been planning to take the kids to see the Croods, so it's good to hear you liked it. Thanks for the book recs, too. Hope you enjoy the rest of your spring break.

  2. Nice to see you back :) 'The Croods' is on my list of movie to watch, so I'm glad to hear an in-person review :)