Friday, November 9, 2012

Five for Friday

1. So far I have just under 12,000 words written for my NaNo project. I would have more but I've been a bit distracted with reading.

2. It's getting cold thick coat cold. I was hoping the mid to high 60s weather would stick around for the rest of winter, but I guess that was asking for too much.

3. I'm sort of obsessed with this song:
If it doesn't work it's Phillip Phillip's song, Home. 

4. I watched the trailer for Les Miserables, and it looks spectacular. I had no idea Anne Hathaway could sing.

5. Okay, I'm getting really hungry...haven't had breakfast I'm going to go eat, which is VERY important. Have a great weekend!


  1. VERY important ;)

    fuel for the day.

    Have a great weekend, Prerna!

  2. I hope you got something to eat! I know there's day even when I forget. You're doing great with NaNo. Yay! Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Ahhhh YES I think the Les Mis movie might be really, really awesome... :D And thanks for sharing that song--I really like it.

  4. Home!!! Whoop, I love that song as well. Makes me smile, and it's such a hopeful message :) And wow, 12,000 words! That's great. I'm trying to really get into the MS I'm working on now, hopefully I'll catch that writing bug and get to where I'm churning out the words.
    Hope you have a great one!
    Ninja Girl

  5. I love this song! lol. I wish I had 12,000 words of either of my novels I've started written. School gets in the way. :/ That's why I haven't attempted Nano. Good luck with it!! It's so great for motivation!

  6. Ahh, yes, I wanna see Les Miserables too! The film looks so good and it'll most likely be getting Oscar nods! I love when Anne Hathaway sings "I Dreamed a Dream" in the trailer - that's the best part! The entire trailer is pretty amazing! Can't wait to see Les Mis in theatres!

    Yes, yes, eating is important! Now go get something to eat! :)

  7. Congrats on the 12,000 words! I got the book, btw. Thanks for sending.