Friday, June 22, 2012

Five for Friday

1. Setting up routines was the focus of the week. Since summer break has started (and since the baby arrived) things have been a little...disorganized shall we say, in Chez Pickett. Thankfully I'm finally getting into the groove of things and starting to get the kids on board with the whole 'routine' thing.

2. In case any of you are wondering (and I'm sure you are since you all find me so very interesting) I'm right on target with my goal to read one book a week this year. I think I might even surpass it if things keep going the way they do.

3. Writing was so-so this week. I got almost 3000 words down. I'm hoping to change my target to around a thousand words a day. Now that it's summer I can take the laptop outside while the kids are playing and kill two birds with one stone.

4. The heat wave has hit my neck of the woods. It was so humid yesterday for a minute I thought I was back in Northern Virginia. It was the 'shade won't offer you any relief' kind of heat. That's one thing I DON'T miss about back east. Humidity and I are not friends.

5. Nothing spectacular planned for this weekend. Hoping to get some yard work done, and hopefully some writing. Would love it if the heat let up just a bit.

Have a splendiferous weekend all!


  1. Yay for getting into a routine! Have a great, relaxing weekend!

  2. I wish I could commit to 1 book a week but it is harder than it sounds. I like the 5 things you posted and do hope the heat gives us all a break :)
    Enjoy the outdoors.

  3. Its about 11 degrees Celsius (51 F) where in Ireland this month - it'd be more apt to call it Juniary than June!
    Congrats on getting all those routines in place.

  4. I don't think I've said congrats on your new little one. You are beyond amazing if you can read and write with all the baby responsibilities. Impressive.