Monday, January 2, 2012

Way To Start 2012

I already did my resolutions post, so I won't go into that during this one. So, we rang in the New Year with one of our rooms in the basement flooding. Yeah, not so fun. Our family was having our annual New Year's Eve mattress the basement. Not in the room that flooded (thankfully), but it still sucked. So we started the 1st of January calling in a plumber, and spending a ridiculous amount of money having him do something that might not actually solve the problem. Now, I know this is not how anyone wants to start their new year, but I am being cautiously optimistic about 2012. I think that this is a sign that things can only get better from here on out. Maybe if we start our year off in such a crappy way, the rest will be AMAZING. That's what I'm taking from it, anyway. In other news, I can't wait to write. The husband goes back to work tomorrow, and my 5yo returns to school, so my normal routine will be put back in place...for a little while. I'm itching to put my fingers on my keyboard and letting my brain exercise its way back into something that resembles, well...a brain. The break was nice, but it reminded me why I love writing in the first place. And that there's no way I'll ever be able to quit. I am a full fledged writing addict. I'm also excited to work on my projects so at the end of 2012 I can cross off my resolution to finish two more manuscripts. Woot woot! And I will be making a trip to the library this week to pick up some goodies. I need to get as much reading in as I can before the new babe enters the world. I hope all of you had an awesome New Year's Eve with the people you love, avoiding any and all household catastrophes. Here's to the many more posts coming your way in 2012! Get excited, people.


  1. Heh, funny coincidence... the evening of Dec. 22nd (the night before I had to hop on the ferry to go over for Christmas) we sprung a leak in "the witch's hut" basement, too :) thankfully it was an easy fix, but finding a plumber willing to coming in the Friday morning before Christmas... boy, that took a lot of phone calls... and thankfully it ended up being an easy fix.

    glad everything is okay for you too :)

    Happy New Year!!

  2. Oh no! Bummer about your basement. But good luck with your writing, it really can be very addictive! I'm sure you'll write some awesome manuscripts. And congratulations that you've got another baby on the way. When is he/she due?

  3. Happy New Year! I woke up on the first to my ceiling leaking and cat poop on the floor, so I too hope that is a sign of better times to come!