Friday, July 1, 2011

Five For Friday

1. First off, I have no clue where this week went. Seriously, how is it already Friday???

2. So, turns out we WILL be traveling down to visit family for the Fourth, pretty exciting stuff. The hubby figured out with work and whatnot, so I'm excited to see some familiar faces and I know the kiddos are as well.

3. My dad is also coming up for a visit and I haven't seen him in a YEAR so that's also really exciting. He's an amazing cook and I'm looking forward to him making me some of his signature dishes. The guy has cooked for Leonardo DiCaprio for goodness sake (true story, he's cooked for him on a few different occasions and has also been a guest at his home, crazy stuff!).

4. Traveling is always a stressful thing, but when you add little ones to the mix it gets even crazier. Packing lots of DVDs for the portable is essential, along with snacks, and some good tunes to keep yourself sane along the way. I highly recommend chocolate as well.

5. The Fourth is a big deal in the Pickett Clan, that and Thanksgiving are my favorite times to get together with everyone because well...we bring some pretty rockin' food to the mix. I LOVE all the stuff that me cook that is now tradition and this year is no exception. My husband is going to make his amazing desert and I'll watch him while he does so :) But on a more serious note, I love the fourth for what is represents for this nation, I'm grateful to live in a land where I can have opinions and not fear my government coming after me for them. I hope everyone else remembers why it is we celebrate this holiday and has a safe and fun weekend!

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