Monday, June 22, 2015

Ready. Set. Write! Check In: Week 3

Three weeks into this and I'm making progress!

How I Did On Last Week's Goals:

Revise one chapter: Check!

Figure out what project I want to work on: Check!

Read something: I got Snow Like Ashes from the library, but the week was too busy for me to get to it.

Spend time with my kids: We went to see Jurassic World with the kids, they loved it, although my girls fell asleep. We also spent a few nights making up games to play outside, which they loved, and we went to the lake this past weekend.

My Goals For This Week:

- Revise another chapter
- Read a book!
-Write new words
- Continue building memories with my kids.

A Favorite Line From My Story Or One Word/ Phrase That Sums Up What I Wrote/Revised:
Continuity. Since the revisions I'm making change certain time lines along with a couple of plot points, I've had to be real careful about making sure it all makes sense!

The Biggest Challenge I Faced This Week:
Motivation. Sometimes just making yourself open up the document can seem like such a chore.

Something I Love About My WIP:
The setting. In both my stories I created fictional towns and I love making up the shops and characters and history.

Hope you all had a productive week!


  1. "Sometimes just making yourself open up the document can seem like such a chore." Yes! I totally feel the same way most days. Especially this time of year. Sounds like you did a great job meeting your writing goals this week, though. Hope this is another productive week!

  2. I love that 'making new memories with your kids' is part of your weekly goals. I think that's lovely, and something to emulate.

  3. I like making up new settings too- you can do so much with that rather than being tied down to a real place.
    It's my kids last week of school but I've been worrying about how I'm going to get writing, cleaning, exercising, and making memories with the kids part of my daily routine. Eek. Hopefully we'll be able to figure it out.
    Have a great week!

  4. That's sweet that you make your kids part of your goal. It's easy to get lost in everything else. Best of luck with your motivation, we're all here to support you!

  5. LOVED Jurassic World!! I want to see it again...soon.
    And yay for meeting most goals. Love the building memories one.

  6. Way to go on meeting your writing goals! I hear you on continuity issues. I'm editing my trilogy for continuity, and even though I'm a relentless planner, it's amazing how easy it is to accidentally write little inconsistencies into a story. Hope you feel all kinds of motivated this week! Good luck tackling those goals!

  7. Fictional settings are fun, aren't they? And I absolutely love that you include memories with your kids as a goal! I need to do that too.

    Hope you have a super week!

  8. Jurassic World was awesome! Wish I could go see it again but I'll just have to wait for the DVD. And, yes, to the continuity issues - and ditto what Erin said above. :) I just sent my WiP off to a beta reader and no sooner had I hit the "send" button when I was looking back through and found a major inconsistency on the FIRST PAGE. Ugh! Good luck with your goals this week!

  9. Fictional places are fun to write - so many possibilities! Yay for meeting those goals and going to the lake. Have a great week this week as well!

  10. Great job on your revisions! I hope you can keep up your motivation this week, you can doooo it!

  11. That's so great that you're in love with your setting! Sometimes I get frustrated with setting and world-building so I need some of that to rub off on me! Enjoy the time with your kiddos! That's such a great weekly goal. =)

  12. Congrats with accomplishing your goals! I also appreciate your honesty about the Word document feeling like a chore. It's incredible that you balance your writing with other facets of your life and we all can't wait to watch you continue to succeed!