Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What's Up Wednesday

What's Up Wednesday is a weekly meme geared toward readers and writers, allowing us to touch base with blog friends and let them know what's up, put on by Jamie Morrow and Erin Funk. If you'd like to join click on the links above!
What I'm Reading:
I FINALLY got my grabby little hands on These Broken Stars! I have to say the writing is beautiful and really captures the mood of the story. Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner are two very talented ladies. My only issue was with pacing. Though the words were pretty, it seemed like there wasn't much happening for about half of the book. I get that Lilac and Tarver are stranded on an unknown planet away light years away from family and help, but there was so much walking. So much. It exhausted even me. I can appreciate the authors wanting to set up the climax and work up the romance, but I do think some of the wandering could have been cut short. Other than that I definitely recommend the book.

What I'm Writing:
I'm up to 53k on my WIP. I'm so frustrated that this manuscript is still unnamed. Figuring out a title is usually the first thing I do when I start a story, and I'm pretty good at choosing them, if I do say so myself. But this one is really driving me nuts. I'v also realized I have some serious revisions to do once the first draft is done. I'm loving this story, but am not looking forward to hauling all the words around because I've changed up the timeline. I'm thinking a much needed break will be in order after the first draft is done and before I get into revisions

What Inspires Me Right Now:
Anyone who is querying. It's so hard to be in the trenches, guys. I don't know if I've mentioned it, but I started sending out queries a couple of weeks back. I haven't heard from most of them...yet. I got a few rejections, but that was to be expected. I did get a request for a full from one of the agents who requested my partial for Sun Vs. Snow. The quiet in in my inbox is deafening, and every time I go to check my e-mail my stomach drops and I hesitate because I'm afraid. So, to anyone else in this boat, I salute you! You are inspiring, you are talented, and you will find your agent. It may take a while, but it'll happen.

What Else I've Been Up To:
Trying to keep on top of all the things in my life. Reading, beta-reading, writing, revisions, family, home etc. There's always something to do, or someone who needs something. Such is life. I'm just glad I'm lucky enough to find time to do much of anything, especially read and write.


  1. If you're checking your inbox less than once every five minutes, I'd say you are handling querying very well. :) And I'd definitely recommend taking a break from your novel before hitting revisions. I think I took too long of a break with mine--"allowing for distance" became "procrastination." But when I did go back to it, while there was a lot of work to do, I found I enjoyed the story, and there were even some lines that I kept! :)

    Have a great week, Prerna.

  2. Good luck with your querying and with your writing. It seems like the writing process takes a long time, but the seeking publication process and later actually getting published part takes so much longer! My debut came out last week. I finished the rough draft for it 3 years ago. So yay, if you want to be a writer, patience is a requirement. You'll get there though, just work on the next book and try not to stress about it to much.

  3. Querying is tough. I'm finding it so much easier to avoid checking my e-mail this time around. Keep busy, keep distracted. That's the best advice I can offer :D Here's hoping the good news is coming soon for you!

  4. Good luck with querying. A good title will eventually come to you. I've changed some titles before, and was always happier when a better, more suitable title arose.

  5. Definitely take a break between 1st draft and revisions- then you'll have fresher eyes!
    Good luck with the queries. I find that I hope and hope for a good email but as soon as I see I've got an email from an agent, I automatically assume bad news. But at least the hoping part is fun!

  6. I always struggle to think of a title which fits the book! I feel your pain on being in the query trenches - I'm scared of checking my inbox, and I've had rejections from my top-choice agents which have really stung. Still, keeping my fingers crossed...

  7. You sound busy! And don't worry too much about what to call the book. I have the hardest time with titles, so whatever I'm working on is always called something random or "That thing about so and so." :)

    I wasn't that interested in reading These Broken Stars, but all I keep hearing are good things. So hope to pick it up soon!

    Good luck with querying!

  8. I loved THESE BROKEN STARS, but I can see what you mean about wanting a little more to happen along the way. I'm eager to see what's in store for Tarver and Lilac in the next book. You heard the rights to it have been acquired for a TV show, right?

    Your words about querying are very encouraging! I'm in the trenches right now too, and I'm saluting you right back. It's tough work and waiting stinks. I'm much more relaxed and accepting about it after taking a fairly lengthy break from the process this winter though. I hope you hear back from some agents soon!

  9. Omg, I hear you on the inbox stomach dropping thing! It never ends even after you ink that deal. Grrrrr.

  10. Good Luck with the querying. I also do the same thing with my writing, leave it a while before editing it. It helps.

  11. As much as I really enjoyed THESE BROKEN STARS, I kind of have to agree with you about all of the wandering. It probably could have been tightened up a bit, especially considering the size of the book.

    As for querying, I'm crossing my fingers that you hear back soon from agents, and that it's good news! Querying is so not fun, but hopefully it will pay off in the end. Have a great week, Prerna!

  12. I agree with Colin: if you're checking your email less than every five minutes, you're doing great :-) I remember thinking, I should stop the notifications on my phone when I was querying. Crossing my fingers for you!

    I still need to read THESE BROKEN STARS :-)

  13. Ugh... Querying. I feel you, and that constant inbox checking can be tiresome. I'm thinking positive thoughts for you, Prerna. Here's hoping you get some good news soon!

    Hope you have a great week, and good luck coming up with your MS's title. :-)

    I'm glad you got ahold of THESE BROKEN STARS! I loved that book! Like you, I thought the beginning was a tiny bit slow, but I don't even care because the world building was so thorough and the payoff was so amazing when things started to really pick up.

  14. good luck on your WIP! I always have the hardest time coming up with titles and my WiP is unamed as of now too... even though I'm already at the revision stage. I do hope you find one soon though!!

    have a good rest of the week!

  15. These Broken Stars sounds really good. Adding to my list! I'm way impressed if coming up with the title is usually the first thing you do and that you find it one of your strengths. I'm terrible at it! I mean... really terrible. My current WIP is on its third title. But I think this one may stick! Have a great week.

  16. The Query's nice to have other people in your foxhole to share chocolate and possibly whiskey. ;)

    My CP's have a game we play where we buy ourselves an awesome prize for every x number of queries we send or every x number rejections we get. It really makes it more fun if you know you get a present no matter what. :)

    Good luck with everything! Fingers and toes crossed for you!

  17. Wow, you seem busy! Titles are fun for me, until that one WIP where the title just doesn't come to you....Then it's annoying.

  18. Oh, querying. I'm going through chocolate at an alarming rate. Good luck surviving :)