Friday, April 19, 2013

Five for Friday

1. I read The Sky is Everywhere this week and loved it. Truly a beautiful book that delves into the trauma of loss and moving on. One of the plot points was sort of wth?!? But I think it was done well and worked with the story. And the writing, you guys, let's just say i will never be able to string together that many words from the English language with such elegance and care.

2. Writing wise I had some personal highs and lows. It seems when I'm in my lows all I want to do is wrap myself up in a blanket and read someone else's words. Which worked out, as you can tell from #1.

3. My Baby turned 1 this week! I'm emotional because she's my youngest and my last baby and it's kind of a milestone. I'm pretty sure I'll be a big old cry baby with all her milestones. My mother-in-law cried when her youngest was potty trained. I'm not sure if I'd go that far, but still, sads.

4. I've had the sniffles all week. Thankfully it's not full blown cold, but still plenty irritating. I've been going the natural route and taking my zinc, having some hot water with natural honey and a drop of lemon Essential Oil. It's worked so far.

5. To everyone taking part in the A-Z challenge- I applaud you. No way could I come up with enough posts to keep you all entertained. Keep it up, you guys are doing great!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Great book. I liked the gardening grandmother character, and I thought it was original. Hope you have more highs than low in the upcoming week.

  2. Thanks for #5 and congrats on your daughter turning one. Enjoy your weekend

  3. A-Z is fun but definitely tiring. I am glad I pre-scheduled! Hope you feel better soon :)