Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What's This? A New Post?!?

Sorry for the blog silence lately, guys! I wish I had a legitimate reason for not being 'here' like a broken arm or awful sickness or a house fire, unfortunately laziness and a slump in brain activity is the true culprit. I haven't had any new ideas for a blog post. I've been focusing on getting the query process started and working on my other projects. It seems like I have less and less time to focus on all the things I want to lately. And apparently I'm not alone. Am I the only one that's noticed the slump in blogging activity around the blogosphere? It's weird, right? It's like we've all been hit with the 'whatever, I'll get to it later' bug.

I'm trying to think of this as a positive. If we're not here, then we must be off working on our manuscripts, right? It's also only month two into the New Year and I think a lot of us want to focus on resolutions and goals which, as writers, tend to be something along the lines of trying to get some actual writing done.

I'm happy to report that I'm starting to get some new blogging ideas, although not that original, they are ones I personally haven't posted on before. So, here I am, making my triumphant return (hopefully it lasts). What have you guys been up to?


  1. So true! I've been in a revisions cave. So much to do, so little time! But I'm meeting my writing goals so far...even if my blogging is suffering.

  2. I'm on the ferry at this very moment, suffering slow (like, dial-up-modem-slow) wi-fi, with the car loaded down and the pets crammed somewhere in the nooks & crannies... this is the day of the big *move* to Vancouver.

    Glad you're up & around & showing your smiling face to all your readers :)

  3. I've been slacking with blogging, too. I have been getting some writing done, though, and I'm taking a poetry class. Glad to hear you've been getting some work done. Good luck with querying.