Monday, April 2, 2012

A Weekend Filled With Hunger

I got to see The Hunger Games this past Saturday. I honestly didn't think I'd be able to before baby came, but my husband suprised me with tickets and my mother-in-law came up a day early to watch the kids. We were lucky, our time was the only one not sold out.

My husband never read the books. I had to explain the plot to him (without giving away too much) before hand and he was still a little bit confused as what it was about. Once we started watching it, he toally got what I had been trying to explain. I was also in tears within the first few minutes. Pregnancy+ Hunger Games = crying. Thankfully he enjoyed it. And kept whispering to me how messed up the whole thing was. Which it is, but it also makes for an amazing read and a movie that's PRETTY close to being true to the book.

Obviously there's no book that's a perfect adaptation of its book counterpart. At least I can't think of any. But I think they did a great job of making The Hunger Games as authentic as possible. Oh, and I completely lost it when Rue died (the husband did too...a little...shhh, don't tell anyone). All in all it was a wonderful weekend. Now I'm just waiting for this baby to pop out of me. I've got more writing planned out, but we'll see how that all goes. I'll be back on Wednesday! Good luck to any and all participating in the A-Z challenge!


  1. Ooh yes, I saw the Hunger Games, too!! And I loved it! They did a wonderful job with the movie, and even though the books are pretty much always better than the movies, THG movie exceeded my expectations.

    Glad you liked it too!!

  2. I haven't seen the Hunger Games...not too thrilled about seeing kids kill kids though. :/ I may hold off on it for a while. Good luck with baby and your writing!

  3. I lost it at the reaping, and when Rue died. I haven't been pregnant in 20 years.