Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lots of Tagging and Bloggy Awards

I've been more of you! And I recived awards as well. So I'm combining the two and telling you even MORE about myself and passing along the honor to others.

A list of the taggers: Nick Wilford, and Lori M. Lee

And I got awards from: Julie Daines, and Leigh Covington

Like last time, I'm going to pick and choose questions from each person to answer.

1. What is your best time to write, and why?

Whenever the kids are playing in their play room, giving me some quiet time. It can be in the morning, afternoon, evening, or nigh. But I prefer some time later in the day because by then my brain is starting to function a bit more.

2. What is your favorite cartoon?

Batman- the one from the '90s. I love Batman, he's probably my favorite superhero. I'm pretty excited about The Dark Knight Rises.

3. If you could choose between having six months to yourself to pursue your art in a great area with beautiful landscape to write and no worries on money, food, living arrangements but would not be able to have any communication with the outside world whatsoever, would you do it?

No. I can't imagine being away from my family for that long. Not being able to say goodnight to my kids, or sing them bedtime songs, it's not worth it to me. Now if I could bring them along, I would do it in a heartbeat.

4. What is the food/drink item you go to most when stressed/upset/irritated? What is the food/drink item you go to most when happy/exuberant/celebratory?

Chocolate, in all of its forms. Ice cream, bars, cookies. You name it, I go to it.

5. What's your favorite number?

Nine. My bff is the ninth kid out of ten (I know, 10!), and it was Brady Anderson's number back when he played for the Orioles. Fun fact: I shook Cal Ripkin's hand in his final season and got his autograph!

6. Getting or receiving presents?

I love both, but I think I enjoy giving gifts more than receiving them. It's the way I express my love for someone, by gettng them stuff. If I were rich, I would spend copious amounts of money on the people I love.

I'm going to stop there, because you guys already know way more about me than most people. And I'm running out of interesting answers.

Okay, here are a list of people that I've chosen to play tag with and pass along the award to. I'll let them decide which one they would like to do. They can do both if they like.

Deserae McGlothen: she's sweet, insightful, and hilarious. Check out her blog, Almost (not quite) There

Melodie Wright: I met Melodie through the Campaign, her blog Forever Rewrighting has great interviews with fellow writers, tips to help you along the way, and she's also participating in the Campaign so you can go read her entries.

Tamara Narayan: On her blog, Get Your Giggle On, Tamara shares her experiences in life, likening them to what we experience as writers. And she used to work at the zoo, how cool is that?

These are the questions you guys can answer (the same ones from my previous tag post):
1. What's your favorite book?
2. What inspires your writing?
3. Where's your favorite place to write?
4. If you could plan ahead, what would want your last meal to be?
5. If you had to participate in one extreme sport, what would it be?
6. What's your biggest fear?
7. Vampire or werewolf?
8. Favorite writin snack?
9. What's your favorite scary movie?
10. Why did you start writing?
11. Your favorite day of the year?


  1. Yay for chocolate! It's delicious in whatever form it's in. :) Congrats on the awards!

  2. Thanks for tagging me, Prerna! I intend to answer these questions tonight. I'm so grateful and excited to post up my blog award! You deserve every one that you were given, too. Thanks again. Wishing you well, as always.

    Lots of love,

  3. Nice awards! Congrats. Great answers, too :) The six-months-alone one is definitely tough. I don't know if I could go without human contact that long.

  4. Thanks for the tag! I'll answer soon...and think of whom to tag as well.
    Good luck with the new baby next month! April is a great time to be born.

  5. Thank you for the tag! This gives me a blog for next week - totally awesome.

  6. Congrats on all the pretty blog awards! Interesting that you like to write later in the day. I like to write in the morning. This post made me hungry for chocolate:)

  7. Congrats on the plethora of awards! And I'm right there with you on question #3. I've realized even more how much that's my choice since I got my book deal. My hubby has been willing to take over a lot more things so I can have more writing time (like getting kids in bed), and I realized how much of that I'm just not okay giving up. At all.

  8. Congrats on the awards fellow campaigner! I know I may be late to the party but I tagged you in the 7 Meme challenge from my blog!

    Hope the writing and campaigning is going well!