Monday, October 21, 2013

Rising To The Occasion

Ever feel really inadequate in this writing gig? Yeah, I think insecurity is sort of a must-have on a check list of characteristics that pertain to writers. There are days I feel like giving up and focusing on something else. Reading is one of my favorite pass time and I've thought, "well, there are more than enough stories being written, and I like quite a lot of them, why not just leave it to the professionals?" Because those professionals weren't always professionals. They were just like me, and you (if you're a writer and you're reading this) and they had the exact same thought go through their head, but instead of listening to it, they rose to the occasion and finished that kick-butt manuscript, went through the grueling query process, so you could reap the benefits. And the truth is, not anyone can write just any story. I'm the only one who can share the words of the character in my head. Sure I could make a list of traits and hand it to any writer out there, but the product from one to another would all be vastly different. That's why I don't quit., because honestly, I don't trust anyone else to give justice to my character and plots. I'm the only one who can do it. And you're the only one who can do the same for your characters and plots. So you just have to suck it up and get writing, otherwise you'll always search for that one story on the bookshelves, the one that will make you laugh, or cry, or smile, or make your heart pound with suspense, and you'll keep searching because you'll never find it. You want to know why? Because it's the story inside of you and no one else.


  1. You're right, no one can write YOUR stories. It's such a person thing, the creative process. And you're right--every author started out as a novice or had dreams of getting published. Keep at it, and good luck!

  2. Inadequate? (Raises one hand)

    Insecurity? (Raises other hand)

    Thought that no else will want to write one of the weird stories in my head...?

    Yes... For sure.

    I suppose I always hold back because I think no one else but me would be interested in those weird stories...

    Good on you ;) keep writing!

  3. Great post! Well said. Yay for all the writers who rose to the occasion! Let's keep rising :)

  4. Great post! And so true. Sometimes when reading a book I really love it's hard for me to believe it was once a first draft, was torn apart, agonized over, probably hated by its writer at some point! Lol. But it's true, none of them start out perfect. :)

  5. So completely true! Love this post.